Moving from Ireland

Hi everyone,

I am testing the discussion within a group - not sure what difference is between starting a discussion and just posting a comment :) - does this discussion only appear within the group - or on the general forum - so I will see!

So my Q is:

Besides being an EU citizen, are there any barriers or difficulties with moving to France permanently (or rather indefinitely)?

My husband will retain his job for a while (6-12 months) and I have an online biz. I know we will need to register and apply to become part of the system, is it fairly straight forward, or can we expect copious amounts of red tape?

I presume translations are mandatory??? Birth Certs, marriage cert, what else?



Hi Elaine... The French are well known for their copious amounts of red tape. Expect it.

I'll put it to you this way, expect them to ask you for every paper imaginable, and then some papers that might not even exist in your home country.

in saying that, nine out of ten times, calling up and kicking a fuss gets a problem sorted, whereas back home, it seems to get us deeper in shite than we ever expected.