Moving Help Question

Hi - Our 40ft container (via upackweship) arrives in the Vienne Region (Mauprevoir) next week. As the container stays on the truck and we have just a few hours to unload, we’re wondering if anyone can provide recommendations for moving companies / man/woman with a van etc. Basically anyone who can help for a few hours! Thanks so much in advance. Nick

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Hi Nick,
I just did a quick search on the Bon Coin. You have some multi service people around.

I searched Mauprevoir with the postcode. Prestations de service and 30km around the area.

You could also try your local Mairie to see if they know of anyone.

You’ll need more than a couple of hours unless you’re just going to stack everything in a big barn.

It took 4 of us 7 hours to unload the 19 tonne removal truck all our worldly goods arrived and that was just putting the right boxes in the right rooms.

Removers trick unload it all into a garage or something (except the clearly marked essential boxes for “now” that are put straight to kitchen or wherever needed) then take your time afterwards to move each box to its final destination.

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Thank you! great idea about the Mairie too.

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Doesn’t your shipping contract include unloading at final destination? They usually do…