Moving personal belongings to France

Anybody transported their own belongings over to France in a van on the ferry recently? Do we use the cerfa form 10070*03? All belongings are older than 12 months and I have a full inventory for anyone that needs it. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Smudge,
You will need the Cerfa form, plus the inventory, and the certificat de non-cession, all in duplicate. I did it in two trips in July. I hired a 3.5 ton van from a firm in Dorset, not too far from where I was living. The first trip was via Dover and DFDS employees were a pain in the b***. Don’t know customs law, made me leave the port and got me to do all sorts of forms that weren’t needed, and had to buy a ‘freight’ ticket in place of the ‘private van’ ticket I had purchased. However, I declared the ‘used’ (more than 12 months old) goods to be under £1000 value and got green-laned in Calais, so Cerfa not presented to anybody.
Second trip, same van, by DFDS via Newhaven. Arrived early to check with a customs official and was told if I’m taking my own goods out of the country for non-commercial purposes, ‘they are not interested’.
Had to present Cerfa, inventory forms and the certificat de non-cession at customs in Dieppe, plus proof of a place to stay (I had already bought a house), and VLS-TS visa. Arrived in Dieppe at 22:00, first ‘small’ van in the queue after the commercial lorries. The customs lady reviewed the forms, asked a few questions, including total estimated value (about 11,000 Euros in my case), returned the forms and sent me on my way.
If it’s an option, I’d say use the Newhaven-Dieppe route. But that’s just my opinion.

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I haven’t taken my personal goods to France (yet) but I second the suggestion of going Newhaven-Dieppe - there’s a lot to be said for small sleepy ports instead of the rat-race that is Dover.

They also have a (somewhat alarming) sense of humour at the Newhaven check-in - when I arrived there for the overnight ferry a few weeks ago, the gates were shut, and the woman in the check-in booth said “Sorry you’re too late you’ve missed it”. I did a slightly alarmed double-take (I had arrived at 9pm for an 11pm sailing) - in fact they had just shut the gates temporarily while they let everyone off the arriving sailing… :grinning:

She had me going for a moment there though… They say you should never crack jokes with customs or immigration officials so I was caught unawares by comedy comments coming the other way…