Moving post Brexit

Hi everyone in France jope that you are all well . Were moving over when able and i have a question about moving our furniture. I guess most choose to use a company to move as they are professional Nd its less hassle. I was wondering if anyone moved themselves ? I’m lead to understand that post Brexit even using a movers is complecated and £££ . Thanks as i have some questions like qould we need specific paperwork ?

This tells you the basics, but yes there is very specific paperwork!

Generally if you are bringing more than a Luton van’s worth of goods then probably best to use professionals. Note also that there are more detailed requirements for some things - so for example you are not allowed to bring a category 1 dog with you. When you get closer to the time you will need to check the detailed rules in force.

I used an international removals company last month for moving the contents of house for a client and this explains the new procedures -

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I hope you had a very much better experience with that company than I did, Tim… :thinking:

Edit: To be fair, I think the company itself was probably fine but they had an employee working on my move who was a nightmare. With any luck, he has now moved on…

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The move went without any real problems, the guy who runs the business has been doing twice monthly trips to France and Spain for the last 20 years so knows what he’s doing, however even he has had to employ a shipping agent to complete the new customs forms which just adds to the cost.

Risking an accusation of ‘pedant’, Jane, I would like to venture that what you really mean is a Transit size van (other makes are available). A Luton van has little to do with size, it merely describes a type of van bodywork that extends over the top of the cab. Though less prevalent these days, 30 ton 8 wheelers have been known to fall into this category. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

Nothing wrong with being a pedant! I know precisely nothing about vans, but in my mind’s eye a Luton is bigger and boxier than a transit so fits more in…

That’s good, Tim. I agree that the chap running it certainly knew what he was doing. It was one of his employees who was a real problem and did quite a bit of damage one way and another. Still, as I say, he may well have moved on by now and the other person I met was fine.

Yes, well I do, it’s my profession, transport, so I get a little touchy on the subject, but, I knew exactly what you meant which was the important bit and could have bitten my tongue, err finger, the moment I pressed reply.

So, sorry,. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Always happy to be educated…

Hi all thanks for the feedback it seems so expensive using movers it is a complicated procedure post Brexit i understand so not all movers are currently going into the EU hence us thinking of doing it ourselves but with a couple of Louton vans . This will also have some issues but my main concern is if we have to complete any paperwork for the various borders like the removal men

100% yes Karen, if you don’t have the right paperwork or it is not completed correctly you might not get past French customs. I would advise that you speak to a removal company to confirm what paperwork you need and perhaps get a quote.

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We moved ourselves last year. Cheaper than a company and very easy on your purse …
Check any updates when your ready to move, apart from that no issues and cheap to do.

I think there is likely to be a big difference between last year and this year due to Brexit.

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Your probably right…

Not now it isn’t!

And depends what you are moving, and what condition your back is in. With two large items of very heavy furniture and several degenerated discs it was worth the price to get someone else to do it!

I believe the use of a Customs Agent is compulsory at the insistence of the French Customs (Douane). You can see why, they don’t want to be arguing the toss in the quay at Dover or Calais. Commercial freight can’t load onto the trailer until it has customs clearance and they like other people doing the work.


Maybe for commercial traffic, but surely not for particuliars? That would be ridiculous, especially with the shortage of customs agents! People have moved themselves to France from other non-EU countries, so can’t see that UK is any different.