Moving regions in France

Pop along over a bit and try the Haute Vienne, loads less brits though i've never had a problem with them anywhere plus some nice towns especially south and west of Limoges.

Happy hunting

Thank you Peter. I’ll read with interest. It’s just the sort of thing I was after.

No Spain for us! We are inundated with Brits. I pretend I’m French.

Thanks for your comments. I didn’t ask because I want to speak English. We have lived here permenantly for 3yrs. I have a French daughter-in-law & 2 bilingual grandchildren. We actually want to move because this is little England & very anti French. I’m interested to hear Peter Bird’s comments. We are visiting this weekend so will bear that in mind. We are also looking at Charente.
All comments are very welcome.

What's the problem with hearing an 'English voice' Robert ?

Miriam - You may find this link interesting.

It just about sums up the town for me. The French government at the time of the conflict in Algeria in the early '60s agreed to 'repatriate' a large number of algerians loyal to the French flag and Villeneuve was one of the towns chosen to take immigrants.. My personal view of the town as a regular visitor is dingy streets with a certain 'undercurrant'. Indeed there were fears of clashes between immigrants and French 'locals' a few years back when there were similar problems in other French towns and cities.

Nearby Cahors for example is a different kettle of fish and a place I would be happy to settle in.

It's Villeneuve sur Lot. Nice place. Why not move a little further North to Eymet? One would never need to speak French again. I suppose the climate is much like that of SW England but in the summer you can get African air masses moving in which make for very hot conditions.

I've heard that it rains a lot in Manchester and nearly 60% of folk are Brits!

In a country full of native French people it seems very Marbellaesque to move to a region because there are masses of Brits. If I hear an English voice in the local supermarket I turn around and change direction. Unless it's my wife of course, then I listen intently!

Lot et Garonne is beautiful and there are Brits there. Other departments are available.


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