Moving to Chalais Charente area -looking for recommendations

(Ruth Pettigrew) #1


Moving to the Chalais area late September. My French is not very good so was wondering if anybody could recommend the following

English speaking doctor, dentist( for a nervous patient), optometrist.

Also most important for a woman, a hairdresser.

I also would like French lessons, where’s the best place to learn ?

Thanks in advance

(Christine Kavanagh) #2

Hi Ruth. We moved to St. Romain, 8km from Chalais in March - so I asked all of those questions and I can now pass on the answers to you lol. Chalais has an English speaking doctor in both of their surgeries so that won’t be an issue. Re Hairdresser - I actually use a mobile one… she’s very good and surprisingly cheap… but there is a very good hairdresser in Chalais near the Society Generale bank. French lessons - you can go to the Parroquet Vert (green parrot) in the heart of Chalais and they have french lessons on a Friday morning - or there is a joint english/french group that meet on a thursday evening…
I volunteer in the Green Parrot on a Tuesday Afternoon - helps to meet people. My number is 0545 785859 just give me a ring if you need any more help.
Christine & Nicholas Kavanagh

(Ruth Pettigrew) #3

Thanks very much Christine for the info. We are coming out on the 8th September to sign for our house. Am feeling a bit apprehensive but excited at the same time. I’m sure we’ll be popping in to the ‘green parrot’ I’d come across it on the Dronne Valley network. I might even volunteer myself when we’ve settled in.


Ruth & Gordon Pettigrew

(Christine Kavanagh) #4

Hi Ruth - no problem - I think you may have messaged the Gree Parrot facebook page, if I remember correctly, re french lessons… and I think I answered you on their. lol… they are always looking for volunteers so you’d be warmly received.

Are you living here on a permanent basis?? We ran a Chambre D’hote when we lived near St. Emilion - and now I don’t work at all - well a bit of marketing for some B & B’s, but that’s it…

See you soon

(Ruth Pettigrew) #5

Permanent basis and not working if we can help it :smiley:


(Christine Kavanagh) #6

Don’t blame you… see you when you are here.

(Christine Kavanagh) #7

Hi Ruth

Did it all go according to plan??

Hope it did
take care

(Ruth Pettigrew) #8

Hi Christine,

Not signing until Wednesday will let you know !


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(Caroline Bignell) #9

Hi there I’ve just joined the group. We are buying a house near Saint Macoux so very interested in your info.

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(David Martin) #10

86400? There is a large British population around there including hairdressers. There are also English speaking doctors and dentists nearby. However six local doctors have left/retired over the summer so the rest are under more pressure than they were.

(Ruth Pettigrew) #11

Signed on the dotted line last Wednesday. Back in UK now, catch the ferry on Sunday night. Lot of work to do but it will keep us busy. Hopefully get to meet you at Le Perroquet Vert


(Christine Kavanagh) #12

Hi Ruth
Congratulations… where about have you bought?

take care and hopefully see you soon

(Ruth Pettigrew) #13

We will be at Rioux Martin …

(Christine Kavanagh) #14

lovely village.

(Gaynor McKernan) #15

Hi all,
A month ago we loved into a house just outside Rouffiac so thanks for the information Christine. We may be almost neighbours!

I’m a celebrant so I’m hoping to work here but hubby will be enjoying his retirement. I’d like to offer my services to local funeral directors but my French isn’t nearly good enough yet. Christine, I wonder if you know of any English-speaking funeral directors in this area?
I’m trying to learn French but the process is slow as I’ve no past experience of French. I think a trip to the Parroquet Vert is on the cards. I’ll say hi if we’re in on Tuesday afernoon xx