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Good Morning. I am planning to move to either St Malo Rennes or around that part of France for the time being. Maybe in a few months. I am currently in Portsmouth UK. I speak French and I am British. I obviously would need papers to live in France (I lived in France 30 years ago and had a CDS) what is work like to find in these areas I am looking for hospitality or maybe at the Ports I’m.not sure yet but mostly experienced in hospitality. I would also be looking to rent accommodation. Anyone have any contacts? Many thanks Have a good day.:full_moon_with_face:

My daughter did her degree course in hotellerie/tourism in Brittany where we lived some years ago now but could not find a full time post in anything to do with that subject. Most big hotels, the airport at nearby Brest and down in the port etc were not taking anyone on, hotels were not open all year round out in the provinces and it was very gloomy for the students, most of whom left for other countries, my daughter found very good employment in the UK where she met her future husband and now they live in the US. Rennes would be a better bet than St.Malo as its the capital of Brittany, St.Malo is small and seasonal. Maybe apply via some agencies and take a visit before upping sticks and with brexit causing problems for UK workers now too as EU citizens have to be offered the employment first. Good luck and hope you find something.

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Thankyou for your help yes I think Rennes is the better option. Yes I’m coming over this weekend so will have a look around. As I’m over 50 (only just!) getting work maybe difficult but I’ll give it a try.

You may also find better luck in Nantes which is a big city and more touristy than Rennes which is an administrative city. Expect to pay high for rental of accomodation though unless its in a rough area,again, be careful in some quarters.

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The hospitality industry is gagging for workers so I personally don’t think you will have much of a problem finding work. I mean businesses are closing down because of lack of workers.

Speaking English and of course French in those areas is a bonus.

Your problem and it will always be your problem….is renting. You really will have no chance of renting. Especially in Rennes or St Malo.

That said, some tourist businesses are offering accommodation because of the shortage of workers.

Then you have the visa issue.

You need to google a bit and maybe be not so tied to your chosen locations.

Once you get in and working….you can move about.

I reckon it is doable.

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Our daughter spent her Erasmus year in Nantes and we visited her there regularly. Very nice place and Jill (daughter) loved it.


You say you are British? In which case this is not easy as you will need a visa that allows you to work. The only way to achieve that for a salaried job is for the employer to get a work permit for you which you then use for your application for a visa. To get the work permit the employer has to show that the job has been advertised and no European is available to take the position.

You could come here using the shengen visa free 90 days to try to interest employers, and then return to the UK to get the proper visa. The hospitality industry is in dire need of workers, but generally minimum wage jobs or a bit above. So depends what your aspirations are.

(To come here without a job or a business for longer than 90 days you would also need a visa - which requires oroof of income and full health insurance)

Then as MCA renting is difficult also for non europeans without a track record in France.

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Can’t the OP apply for a job from the UK (had a quick look and there are plenty of jobs) ……google ‘emploi restauration avec logement’……and the employer sponsors the visa ?

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They can, but the employer needs to be on board with doing so and it’s a bureaucratic pain which by all accounts not many employers are prepared to do - especially sight unseen.

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Hi guys thanks for your responses it’s very helpful. I don’t know if this helps probably not as time has passed. I used to live in Marseille 30 odd years ago I was married to a French man. I left him in 92 and came back to the UK we never spoke again I have recently found out he has since passed away but I am infact still married to him! I don’t want to live in anywhere I work as I have an appartment full of possessions and whatnot. My partner is French but is a HGV driver working between France and the UK so looking for a place and work in France to start a new life. My children are all grown up and independent. I have worked in hotels and bars in France before but like I say ooof many years ago…hmmm wonder whether that would help me? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:

It’s the new world order. Plenty of businesses are closing down because they can’t get workers.

Close your business of recruit overseas.

If I ran a hotel or restaurant and had close 2 days a week or just closing altogether because I could not find workers……well I would I give the OP an interview.

Do the French have that mindset ? I dunno.

But like you said, the wages are low. So it will always be a stepping stone for the OP.

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Why did you not say all this before ?

Get married is your easy option. But you have lots of options.

Your old CDS should click back in when you reapply BTW… My old CDS did after I abandoned it for 10 years.

If you are still married (although he is decessed) you still must qualify for residency.

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Because it was my first post and I didn’t know what to write initially :full_moon_with_face: well I’ll have a look into that should I contact the embassy and ask? I guess it could do…thanks for your help btw

French embassy in the UK would be a good start.

It doesn’t work that way. As a Brit, you can qualify for a visa to rejoin a French partner but you have to provide various pieces of information, including proof of his nationality and proof of the relationship with the French husband, i.e. “la communauté de vie avec votre conjoint français et de votre intention de la maintenir en France” (which is gonna be a challenge as he’s no longer alive):

Perhaps getting PACS’d to the new partner, rather than getting married, may be a simpler option. Agree that a quick call to the French Embassy would be ideal.

Not if he is dead. Marriage ends at death so there is no impediment to your marrying someone else.


You can re-activate an old social security number that is attached to the CdS but you can’t reactivate an old pre-Bexit CdS that has expired. So you either need to be married to an EU citizen or get a visa.

And yes a huge shortage of workers, particularly low skilled ones. But whether a business owner will want to fill in Ministry of the Interior forms is another matter.

This will be doable, but it will not be as easy as some might make out. People might tell you to come here on a visitor visa and take a cash in hand job - personally I wouldn’t, the repercussions can be severe and end up being asked to leave France.

Any chance of a pension? :thinking: