Moving to France in house with no landline

I am relocating to Vienne in November. The property has a dish but no landline. They presently use Eurosat but I am looking at other choices, any suggestions?

Hi Pauline,
Rather depends on whether you wish for English or French TV and also whether you want an internet link or not. There are various english installers of satellite equipment in the area who would no doubt be able to advise you as to both feasability and cost.
Might be cheaper to have a landline installed if you are not too far from the existing phone wire system. Have you had a quote from France Telecom for that ?

If you want or need a landline for a phone, the Internet or TV go to your local Orange shop. They deal with the infrastructure.

Anybody using 4g mobile signal booster, signal week here rural? thinking of going of grid also.
TIA David

It should be possible to get a landline, the question is what sort of internet speed you will have.

Without an existing number you can’t use to check the speed so it is probably worth asking neighbours, if there are any, what speed they get.

When you say no landline do you mean literally nothing connected or is there an old, inactive line?

Is this a property in a hamlet, village or town?

The internet on land line is slow, last year, i was not at the property much. And paying Orange 40 euros a month is a waste. Would like to find a way of boosting my UK mobile signal, looked on you tube and there seems to be systems in America.But not sure if the would work in france.

Your mobile signal is not a “UK” one - it is quite French.

Yes there are systems though they are not legal as far as I know - I think at least one person on SF uses such a device and swears by it but I would be cautious.

Be aware though that the UK mobbile companies sometimes twig that people have moved to France and cancel their contracts - roaming is supposed to be just that, short term travel not permanent relocation. Probably best to get a French mobile contract.

Thanks Paul for pointing that out, but im trying to find the technology to enable mobile boosting where I am. If this can be done? and live in France more frequently, i could cancel the landline and its monthly standing order, and find a suitable french sim only.

Depends on what you want to achieve.

I might be slightly confused though, I presume you aren’t in France permanently but are going from Brecy to the Vienne?

You are interested in a 4G booster in your current location? - google “amplificateur 4G”, that should get you started.

In a good signal area there are mass market boxes available from the French mobile operators, in poor signal areas a commercial 4G router with an external antenna would be my preference over a signal booster

OK, but you say there’s no landline at the new place so I presume this is a comment about your existing property?

Surely arrangements for the new place are now more important?

Do you know what the 4G signal (or 3G signal) is like at the new place?


Sorry made a spelling mistake. Brecey in Manche. Will look at amplifiateurs, The mobile signal dips in and out? all very frustrating.

I have a landline? but as I said earlier if it is possible to boost signal or receiver, I would be able to, terminate landline contract. As I dont live there full time, saving money as this is a issue for me?

“booster” for the landline? No that isn’t possible.

Did you get the PM with the link I sent to you?