Moving to France

Well I am an about to be 60 year old woman making the move...Im here at the moment looking at property and I have learned what a ballsed up tax system the French seems they can apply whatever they like to whatever you have or do with little recourse. However I also have learned that if you seek good sound advice from those who have come before and can now work the system, the process will be less painful....

I have also learned the infinite good in people here...both French and expatriates...and it makes me love the country even more. I am confident that wherever I park myself permanently | will not be lonely or unsupported. It is just a matter of contributing yourself to the community and it will pay dividends.

And in any the final analysis....we may listen to any number of people advising us but we will chew it around and make our own decision.

Vive la France

I see, starting businesses! That may make life a little more complicated. I have lost the British/US/Australian need to chase money and enjoy being a time millionaire, that is why life is simple for me.

All the best in your adventure, hope everything works out for you.

Hi Bob,

I will be starting 3 businesses here and you better believe it is complicated...much more so than in Australia....however it hasnt made me want to come here any less....Im starting French lessons on Monday to brush up on my language skills and hopefully out on the road looking at properties now that the weather seems to be improving.

Thank you for writing Bob....i appreciate it.



Not sure that I would call the French tax system ballsed up, just different from other countries. Any foreign tax system is going to be complicated - if you are not used to it. I don't pay any tax here as I don't earn enough.

I tend to think that you will get as much from France as you are prepared to put into it. Respect the French locals and their customs and they will respect and welcome you.

I have hot water and the wood stove is still working fine here, not as warm as my central heating in the UK was, but worth the hassle of wearing more clothes for a few weeks just to enjoy the long summers.

No not from a was his own quote...a variation of what you said.....when I am old I want to regret the things I have done...not the things I havent.


Hi Barbara,

It seems everyone has no hot water or their heating is inadequate and they are suffering big time. My email address is'm not sure exactly where you are but Im hoping to buy something in between Eymet and that near you?

Cheers and thanks again


Well we are not so far away less than an hour.

But we are hibbernating in 2 rooms.

Hoping that we can entertain some friends next week.

We can communicate by e mial if you like?

Are you hoping to buy something around here?

Getin touch and we can speak on the phone too.

Happy to help if I can.

Ah, had no idea where it came from - was it from a particular film?

Hi Tracy,

Looks like you are a fan of Michael Caine....thats a wise saying I took from him and use in my everyday life....thank you so much for the support...much appreciated.

All the best Gloria, my motto is to always regret the things you've done, rather than the things you haven't done. Not that I've got any regrets fortunately, however, there are things that, given the opportunity, I would have done differently.

Thanks Julie...appreciate the encouragement...but in many ways a no brainer.....if I dont have my adventure now then when will I?

Thanks for taking the time to reply.



Hi Barbara,

I am staying in Eymet and looking basically from here up to Lalinde area...if you are anywhere near me and have time to spare would love to catch up for do I get local SF help? Would appreciate any assistance in that area.



Where will you be?

Where are you looking?

You can get local SF help

very true, there is good and bad wherever you choose to live. You get out what you put in, a little effort goes a long way all these sayings are true. There are lots of helpful, friendly people on SFN so you can always ask for advice. You are very brave coming alone good luck wherever you end up x