Moving to Montpellier Region shortly - after a little advice

Hiya there. Me and my French husband and our 2 boys are moving to the Montpellier region shortly and coming out again in May for 2 weeks to look for a property to rent (unfurnished longterm or furnished if at least 12 months from June onwards). We do not have a huge budget - 750 euros a month maximum and having spoken to various estate agents we know this is achievable. Just wondering if anyone can offer advice in regards to places to look for private rental advertisements. We are aware of Lebancoin thanks to one of the site’s helpful members but wonder if there are any other publications? Ideally we are looking for an 2-3 bedroomed apartment or house within 15 km of Montpellier, a little inland from the coast and with a school nearby? Any help would be welcomed?

Many thanks for reading and listening x



Thank you David - may try and look around your area too as we are quite open to exact location having driven around the local area a fair amount. Fancy being within about 10kms of city if possible - able to escape the City when needs be, but able to have everything we need to hand! Kids are 6 & 8 and will definitely need some help with schools shortly! My 6 year old would start Year 1 in September and and the 8 year old Year 3. Thank you for your offers for help and info provided and may well be in touch soon !

We’re in Les Matelles - 10km north of Montpellier, and you a two/three bedroom for 750€ a month around here is just about possible. But it is beautiful! School is a major issue, but it depends on how old your kids are. We had to move because of school issues - our daughter was 10 when we moved, coming up to 14 now. But Sarah’s right, with seloger and paravendu - but also try Feel free to contact me about schools.

Thank you Suzanne - I realise it may be a bit of a squeeze financially initially but hopefully we’ll find a way to increase finances once here and settled. Your comments are valued. We’re moving from a small 2 bedroomed rented flat in London, so can settle for something not too big if needs big for the timebeing. Nice to meet you x

looks like Sarah already has the main websites covered. 750e should just about cover a 2-3 bed house round here depending on the location. I know near us in Roujan (30mins from Montpellier/coast) that size of house would be going for about 800euro.

Many thanks Sarah - this is really appreciated and thanks for you time x

Hi Nicole, you can look on and (or .com…?). They have lots of offers.