Moving to Paris from U.K. in January 2020

Hello everyone,

I have accepted a role for an Accountancy role in Paris which I will start in the middle of January and I had a few questions which I hope some of you may be able to shed some light on.

Many thanks in advance.

I’ve been informed to use the sight “Se Loger” & “PAP” to find rental accommodation.

Does anyone have any other recommendations?

Do viewings routinely take place at weekends?

Is it ever normal to take on a lease without a viewing?

I understand a guarantor with a French address is necessary to rent a property. Is this the case , will it be sufficient to put down the name of my employer?

Is a French bank account necessary to start renting a property and are there any other requirements such as this to take out a lease?

Bank Account
In order to open a French bank account, is it necessary to have a French address first? I can see this being rather circular should a French bank account be necessary to take out a lease.

I currently hold a Revolut card which has a ‘Euro Account’ under IBAN. How far does an IBAN account go in France, can it be put down similar to a French bank account?

As I will be moving in January, i will have the final 3 months of the 2019/20 tax year in France and the prior 9 months in the U.K…

Does anyone have any experience of the transition from working in the U.K. to France from a tax perspective. Is there a process I need to go through to avoid Double Taxation?

If savings income is still made in the U.K. once I’m situated in France how is this taxed in France, if at all?

Any advice on good process for tax would be appreciated.

Mobile Phone Contracts
Are there any good price comparison websites in France for mobile phone contracts?

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Depending on your budget rental in Paris can be a nightmare as there is a shortage. However value for money is usually ok as there is rent control. In your circumstance I would also suggest you talk to agents in the area you wish to live in as I guess you are looking for a one year furnished flat? We have a rental flat in Paris and when it comes vacant the agent usually finds us someone new in a day or two.

We demand the full works from our tenants I’m afraid. So would expect to see identity document and details of bank account, a work contract and salary slips, and insurance. We also ask for something from their current address like an Electricity bill. But do not take on a lease without a viewing as you will be required to sign an etat de lieu so need to see that the flat matches what you are signing.

For tax you need to fill in the HMRC P85, here is the guidance and it’s all quite straightforward.

You will pay tax in france on income after you arrive, including savings. Only exclusion is property rental income. The local tax offices in Paris are not as charming and friendly as they usually are in rural areas, but are at least approachable. Is this just for a year, or for longer?

I have transferred Euro from my French Bank account to my Revolut Euro wallet using IBAN without problem, then transferred it to sterling when I needed to move some sterling to the UK so yes, it should be possible.
In edit: Just bear in mind that that the euro wallet IBAN is for a UK bank - not French.

Thanks Jane, very helpful. The post is a permanent position so I am looking to move long-term.

In terms of the French tax obligations are there any I should be aware of. I’m not sure whether there is an equivalent PAYE system that will be in place when I start with my French employer.

Many thanks

Yes, PAYE has finally arrived in France. But your employer should advise on that as I’m not sure how they do it if you are not yet in tax system… If it is a French company then you will also be able to join the french health service immediately and get a social security number. If a UK company but posted to France then you need to get a worker’s S1 from DWP.

IBAN is just an international identity number of any old account, surely? It doesn’t make your account French, it just means it is easier to do international banking operations via swift.

Being an HSBC customer in the UK it was very simple to open a bank account with HSBC in France. Even while we still had our UK address.
Have now moved permanently and only keep UK accounts open for some online purchases and transfer money to France via currency broker…

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