Mower for 2 1/2 acre gardens , recommend one please

Hi, am thinking of buying a replacement tractor mower next year to cut my grass and have a budget of 2.500 euro, can anyone recommend a good one and where to buy it from in or near to Ussel

Again, - being negative, I have had a brocken Husqvarna - Motor was great, it's the Husquavana bits that were not agricultural enough.

At present have a Etesia - Also rubbish! - Avoid.

Our 2 year old Husqvarna does a very good job when it has not broken something yet again and for a 3700 Euro machine I expected a lot better quality.

A bit more than €2500, but I bought a Cub Cadet RZT last year and its a superb bit of kit, and great fun as well.

Our Husqvarna has been pretty good for the past 10 years - the Briggs-Stratton motor has never been a problem. The only problems have been caused by hitting rocks. Lots of them in the ground around here!

We brought the (new) mower with us from the UK - it was much cheaper there at the time - bought on ebay. What I found then was that Husqvarna spares were difficult to get - the machine was US spec. However, they have now got their act together and instead of a month (!!!) to get new blades etc, they are now in stock.

I would also highly recommend the Honda. If you can find a good used one then a John Deer would be my No 1 recommendation but they are so reliable and highly regarded that they hold their price well.

I have a 24HP Husqvarna and would never recommend it to anyone as they have over complicated things and there are just so many things on it to go wrong.

Rgds, Mike L

Thanks Roy will look into not the Hondas , might be a little more but hopefully the last one I have to buy

I had a similar size garden to you (and lots of difficult slopes too!) and had great service from a Honda for almost 20 years. Not cheap to buy though (probably 2,500 to 3,000) and you will need to find a Honda dealer near you on

Happy mowing!

Roy Harwood