Mowing the lawn in December?

can i, should i? my large lawn (more like a paddock) is completely out of control... it's been so warm and sunny and it's rained just enough that i'm thinking i'll have to mow it...

we moved into our house in april - so i've not been through a winter here yet... i'm in the south of the Tarn 81, any advice?

merci b x teresa

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What you mean you don't have a bowling green ??? lol you wish think grass in France means green weeds in autumn-spring rest of the time brown weeds:)

wow - not sure it would fit in my xmas stocking! - and that's prettty much what my 'lawn' looks like!


impressed but it wouldn't fit on my trailer:)

now this is what you call a real sit-on mower ;-)

Sit ons are great:) I have one as I look after about another 6 gardens as well as mine:)

i'm mowing, i'm mowing... i'm also considering writing to santa for a ride-on.... never thought i'd write THAT sentence!

mow it Teresa - I mow mine as and when it needs it (not far away in the aveyron) and when I lived in devon, then cornwall i used to have to mow through the winter too as living by the sea the grass kept growing!

I know my Irises were flowering last month again the garden is very confused indeed hopefully we will get some cold weather soon. Have a good one cutting the grass:)

thanks clare... my gardening dad is a STRICT rule follower and i'm the one who just throws stuff in to see what happens in the garden! I told him i was going to mow the lawn and he went NUTS... but like you i think the grass is confused... its beautiful and sunny - i'll give it a go

x teresa

Yep I don't see that there will be a problem I cut ours last week (79) and it is fine I may even give it another cut in a week or so as the grass seems to think it is Spring time and wont stop growing!!!! I just work on the theory that is it looks untidy I cut.I am sure there wont be a problem and it will look better.