Mozzies - before and after - what works for you?

Mosquitoes - no real problem in day time, just get bitten a bit and leave them alone. Atnight time, when they’re bad, sleep with a fan on, it takes getting used to but they seem to need still air to land on you and bite. Works for me but other half doesn’t like it!

Wasps and bees - first bee sting of the season yesterday out on the bike (usually get a few each summer), pull the sting out, put up with the pain (only lasts a few minutes) and keep pedalling. Thigh really swollen today, back on the bike after closing the shop to try and “pump” the bad stuff out of the muscles…?! :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


All of the above… anti-mossies spirals burning under the table, mosquetaires on certain windows (you can buy them made to measure), a BioGents mosquito vacuum, vegemite

When we first moved to Marseille from Cambridge UK, we got mauled so badly that people in shops thought my children had chickenpox

I am also on OTC anti-histamines for hay-fever, which is I don’t really itch when I am bitten. My wife sometimes gets into my pharmacy if she has too many bites. Seems to work

The tiger mosquitoes get us during the day as well.

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When I did fruit picking as youth during my holidays, I worked with an old timer who had a unique solution to biting insects. He would put a drop of kerosene into a teaspoon of water and drink it.

He swore he got at least 6 days of protection…

Here too but I’m in the shop day in day out and usually manage to kill them before getting bitten.

My niece came to stay for a while and was bitten to death whilst non of us were bitten at all.I think you just get used to it.

Aterbite. Have a good scratch, open the bite a touch, and dab. It stings like hell, then all is peace.

I wrote it wrong…it’s AFTERBITE

It depends on the skin acidity if you are bitten or not.

Last year we were plagued with them , couldn’t sit outside unless we were covered from head to toe, and eventually gave up. Even contemplated moving.
We have five 300 litre water butts that collect rain water. This year I’ve been lifting the lids every couple of days and spraying a quick jet of fly killer into each one, and similarly into the two old baths that my wife keeps filled for the veg patch. This year we’ve been sitting on our veranda in the evening till dusk wearing the minimal amount of clothing, and nothing, not one bite.
Probably tempting providence, but after this past month or more of heatwave we’re happy.

Are you happy to have fly killer in the water that you put on your food?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but I bought one of these heat pens last year to treat mozzie bites…

It heats up quickly to between 50°C - 60°C and is supposed to denature the protein the mozzie injects you with immediately prior to sucking out your blood. I swear by it, but my partner swears at me if I use it on her.


Following my earlier post asking for input on how to deal with an open water source right next to the house, and my mozzie problem, I seem to have now pretty much eliminated the mozzies :partying_face::partying_face: Basically the opening to the water source (a very old underground water tank) is an odd shaped almost crack, except that it’s about 10cm wide. Last year, and start of this year’s warm spell, I had mozzies a plenty! Now I’m able to sit outside as I want without being attacked. The solution - I poured sunflower oil into the source/water tank which prevent larvae forming. Very very pleased!


Have you tried using 2 electric fans one at each end of the table, at low speed works for us. Mozzies don’t like wind

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That’s what I use: works for me.
Wife hates fans so she gets bitten!

@SuePJ - All the water in our water butts goes on my wife’s flower pots (of which she has many).
The water in the old baths (each gets a half-second of spray every two days) goes on the veg. plots. The spray is from a distance of about 75cm, and exactly how much actually goes ‘in’ or more likely ‘on’ the water I really don’t know. What I do know is that the frogs and a toad that live in the baths seem to be very happy, as I am with the excrement that they probably leave in there, along with any bird droppings etc. that are likely to arrive in any uncovered water.
The veg. plots also benefit from generous helpings of rotted excrement from our two donkeys.
So, in answer to your question, ‘Yes’. Sorry if that comes across as flippant, but that’s my take on it.

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Put a small amount (100ml or so) of any cooking oil into the top of the water but in spring. This forms a thin skin on top of the water that stops the mozzie larvae from developing. It’s also safe for your plants.
Edit : I see @letsmile got there before me. I can only reinforce what we both say … It really works.