Mozzies - before and after - what works for you?

Apaisal doesn’t for me. In fact nothing does. No more sundowners in the garden although last night hundreds of swifts swooping and screeeching was a joy - hope they caught some of the critters. Didn’t see any bats. Perhaps they’re hiding since covid. Or was it a pangolin? Our local Chinese resto has started telling customers they are not Chinese they are from Cambodia. Aw. Reminds me of a mate during IRA days scared to open her mouth. Going off piste - I live in 37. Who is my nearest SF neighbour?

Have a look on the map.

Good leggings vels of vitamin B12 works with all at stopping them!

We use a citronella coil under the table on the terrace - lit an hour before supper. And have citronella candles on the table, again lit an hour in advance.
On these hot nights we also have a fan at the end of the table - that works well, keeps them away.
On nights when they are bad, wear lightweight socks to keep them away from toes / ankles and a long-sleeved light shirt.
It means we can enjoy supper outside.
If I am bitten I’ve learnt to leave it strictly alone for 10 minutes or so, after which it tends to disappear.
If the itching persists I use “Baume Chinois” by Body Nature which is a mild version of “baume du tigre”.
I’d rather not, but to sleep at night without the infuriating noise, quite apart being bitten, I use the plug-in citronella thingies.

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They don’t bother me. My partner is bitten to bits. I don’t know what that says. I do know that I can get thwacked when asleep at night if one gets into the bedroom - at least, that’s the explanation I’m given.

We are the same, I’m rarely bitten. When we lived in subtropical Queensland dh was having a terrible time of it. Within a week or so of taking B12 they left him more or less alone too.

If anyone is acquiring a new home or working on an existing… I really do suggest mosquito blinds. We’ve them almost everywhere, which means we can leave windows open and get lovely breezes, without worrying about mozzies, flies, whatever…


Most “Chinese” restaurants in France are actually run by people from Laos or Cambodia, or sometimes Viêtnam.
“Chinois” tends to be a catch-all.

Have a carp pond. The fish, plus the swallows and bats the pond attracts, eat the lot!

So the solution is to have slashings of marmite then!!


We don’t get mossies here but have lashings of Marmite


I hope that’s true a bit further south too!

Works for us too Sue. In fact I’ve just spilt wax on the table poking at the “wasted” bits at the rim :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Always the way, your partner is what would be called a sacrificial anode in sailing circles.

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Or beer :wink:

Yes plenty of that too, afer all better to cover all bases :beer:

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Or Vegimite in my case :rofl: which begs the original discrepancy, himself eats neither!!

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Agreed. We’ve got magnetic moustiquaires on all our doors so the pooch can still go in and out as he pleases, and more sturdy pull-down ones on windows in bedrooms. Proper life changer!

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Maybe he should try applying a thin layer all over :joy::joy::joy: