Mr Brico @ Bergerac?

Hi: I think its the first time I've started a thread here.
(As opposed to contributing to an existing thread).
Does anyone know what is going to happen t Mr Brico in Bergerac?

I hope we're going to get a new brico soon.

Someone here once wrote that they knew the old franchisees.

David got it in one. They had a grand sell off of all stock but had clearly not much left when it started. My daughter's college is in a road just opposite so I passed often enough to have been an early customer. So I passingly asked a dejected looking member of staff told me the huissiers from the liquidateur judiciaire had taken all the valuable stock to sell off at public sales.

I use Tridome all the time now, it is bigger and generally better with comparable prices (plus my side of Bergerac).

Mr Brico in Angouleme is still going strong and real helpful staff.......

Hi thanks David/

.. Surprised they had problems, always seemed moderately busy when I was there.

I am a regular user of Tridome, living as I do, on this side of Bergerac.

I still miss Bricoloisier though :-)

I dealt with the Leglise family for several years. I suspect they have gone into liquidation. Richard Leglise said last year that the Pineuilh Mr Bricolage was not for sale and shortly afterwards it was taken over by Tridome likewise he said that the Bergerac store would never be disposed of and now it looks as if they've shut up shop. If you're looking for a replacement the Tridome at Creysse is good.