Mr Holland and his great powers!

Hi all

So Mr Holland won the elections, the socialists so ready to help the people, believe me if I could have voted I really never would have voted for this "gentleman"

Received this month

1. Wages from hubby and myself MINUS 145.00€UROS between us, as the extra hours are now not an advantage anymore

2. Received our income tax, OMG only an extra 488.00€uros to pay !!! Which means that in Dec just before Christmas they are going to be taking out of my bank account 488.00€uros !!!!!

3. In Jan 2013 they will be taking out an extra 48.00€uros per month to pay the revenue of 2012 Of course our brilliant president will probably have found a way of putting this up, so God knows how much extra we will have to pay next December, just before Christmas !!!!!!

So in all for 2013 we loose in total 193.00€uros per month which is of course 2 316.00€uros a year

I just wish to thank all of those french people who voted for this "gentleman" who of course is labour and will be helping 'the people"

Any one else had this problem ?

Best to all from a poor Anne Marie LOL

very true Finn but I see today this...

Is he the French Gordon Brown? And doing things in a simple straightforward way is avoided at all cost. Make things complex so it looks different to what it really is... because they think the electorate are stupid. All said and done massive humiliation but still not enough and the route continues.

Perhaps there is a small light at the end of a long tunnel... here

Mind you not a thought about slashing red tape and all those hangers on in government.

Very interesting comments out there, however I still loose nearly 200€uros a month lol

Hollands rating plummets... ok the DT is always alarmist about the EU but this makes interesting reading... I read a book once I think it was called "To Hell in a Handcart" .. sums it up.

Also nothing gets past Finn... I think he's from the planet wowegone. He's a Jedi Master.

Succinctly put Finn....I don't understand why more of the population haven't worked any of this out. Do France really not have any intelligent MPs?

Reading all of these comments, the only conclusion sensibly to come to is that if everything is too difficult to change because of the unions (didnt stop Margaret Thatcher..then again, she was English and a woman) then things will get worse and France will drown in its own debts and red tape, and I doubt even then it would be enough of a learning curve to change anything in the future. I read yesterday about the stand off at present in Europe...with France demanding their farmers retain their huge European funding, they receive more money than any other farmers in Europe......they are too scared to suggest, as has happened in the UK that farmers need to diversify and not rely on handouts, but find alternative income. Foncionnaires and MPs seem untouchable and give themselves much greater perks than any other section of society. (where are all the unions and the angry populace? they seem to role over and allow these liberties to have full rein)..this is not socialism, this is keeping down the people whilst those in power enjoy the riches; frankly, the recent governments here couldnt organise a p*ss up in the proverbial brewery.

Sarkosy wasn't all bad. All my French friends have said that France will rule the day that they voted for Hollande, they say he doesn't have enough experience to be president and our local restaurant owner says he is a complete brainless idiot. They have said if they had their time again they would have him back because without him France will never move forward with the rest of Europe. For all his faults Sarkosy wants to drag France in to the 21st century, yes, kicking and screaming, but Hollande wants seems to want to keep it as it always was by being a protectionist. If you are too protectionist, you will get left behind. But what I don't understand is why people do not expect to pay a little more tax in the current European crisis, it's happening all over Europe,not just here. Sarkozy's AE was a fantastic idea which HAS bought in more revenue, yes I agree more needs to be done for business, but already Hollande is trying to tear business apart by crucifying AE instead of logically looking at how unfair the other systems are and getting that right. But he wouldn't want to get the other systems right would he? It brings in a lovely amount of money for him to fritter away an his new fonctionnaires that he has promised. Politicians are, renowned for their mooting of ideas and to criticise everything that Sarkozy has discussed over the years is not productive. As for rigid employment laws, I would be surprised if any president tried to attempt this under the current financial crisis. It would be suicide, but I am not saying that it shouldn't be changed. I am sure with what we already know about Hollande in the short space of time that he has been in power that he is soooo clueless that he to will be mooting just as many , if not more ridiculous ideas, which we will all be critising when he loses power in the next election. That's if the French haven' t rebelled and he gives up and walks before the end of his term. But one thing you can be sure of as Finn says, is that he WILL ruin this country and he will do it before the end of his term and like our lovely Gordon Brown will be come the most unpopular President in the shortest period of French history, i'm sure! Lets face it generally speaking most politicians are the same, but, there are those who are sooo clueless, like Hollande that they will be imortilised in history as complete idiots.

Finn totally nailed in exact detail. Sarkozy for all his talk was lazy and lacked boldness, Sarkozy didn't do a lot that he could have done to transform the economy and attitude to business. So, what was the choice, more of nothing or maybe something? Hollande got in on the "hope" vote appealing to soft sentiment. The real problem is Hollands lack of vision for business. This is what will crush France over the long term. As a famous lady once said: "Socialism is fine until you run out of other peoples money" France has a cultural problem with business and ambition and until that's changed the problems will remain whoever is in power.

Hollande is the only head of state in Europe who is trying to climb out of the morass by increasing taxes rather than going down the route of austerity measures. His policy does not add up.

Im sorry but this man has no idea about finances. To be a good president talking the talk is no good; making claims before an election that you will be providing an extra 10,000 teachers when there is no money to pay for them is stupidity of the highest order. He will not be able to meet any of his targets. If you have a shop and you are losing money because everyone says your goods too expensive...then you do as Jack Cohen the founder of Tesco sell cheap and pile it high.....what Hollande is doing is putting up prices (taxes) ensuring that a lot of us who came here with good heart and willing to make France our home, leave at the earliest opportunity. He is making France a no go area. The numbers of middle class French leaving France epidemic. Businesses are not given any help or a leg up....the government taxes them to extinction. Good business sense is to keep everyone in business, paying their (reasonable) tax, they will stay and grow their business. If you tax too harshly and make life impossible...then people pack their bags and go find a better country to live in. Hollande will not be voted in again.