Mrs May's Christmas Message

Are we reassured?

And Santa has just left my brand new Aston Martin outside too, things are looking up.:thinking:

Sadly I don’t trust “our” politicians so not feeling any more secure or reassured.

After all the nonsense that was presented to us in the lead up to the referendum - by both sides of the argument - it will be a long time (if ever) before I believe anything they tell us whether in government or outside.

I am still going ahead with my application for french citizenship…

Everybody who is pro EU should sign the “Keep EU citizenship” petition that is going around on FaceBook

I thought that folded.

Personally I think that a petition on FB is as much use as a chocolate fireguard ! If it gives hope to others then why not ? 'Tis the season to be jolly, bah humbug …

But it does go to the official petitions site…


Ann… I’ve just made a batch of chocolate teaspoons… :blush: (they are delicious)

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Oh Stella that has made me laugh so much…how do you make them and what do you do with them ? (not a rude question) but I am not noted for my culinary skills ! Probably easier for me to make them in cement ! :wink:

I have moulds and melt various chocolates together. sometimes I add Piment d’Espelette or ginger. I fill the round mid-dark chocolates with orange/lemon concoction or an alcoholic prune mixture (the Maire loves these), the lozenge shape are extra dark chocolate with a caramel inside and the spoons are mix of dark/milk chocolate and taste super eaten or stirred into coffee.


If there is a knock on your door over the festive season it will be me ready to try out all these delicious goodies. Oh, if only I had a little talent in the kitchen ! My French ‘partner’ will be eating at mine on Christmas day and is getting quite anxious, “you do know not to cook filet mignon too long, what recipe are you using, what will you be serving with it” ? My reply, ’ bring a sandwich just in case it all goes wrong ’ :wink: Luckily I have lots of cheese and wines available, ho, ho ho :slight_smile:


You will have a lovely time…just relax and enjoy yourselves… and pour another glass… :smiley: