MSA - cotisation solidaire .... advice please


I have been paying my MSA contributions for ten years, as an agriculteur', and would like to know if it is possible or feasible to 'shift down a gear' and slip under the seuil for full contributions? In others words, declare myself as part-time.

Any ideas?

"million times better and more efficient than the RSI" - I heard the RSI were bad, but you have to laugh at the incompetence of the MSA. A few weeks ago I received a demand for late payment on my 2017 contributions! Nearly literally 90% of the time I contact the MSA, and we have an agreement, either written or verbal, it goes wrong (but true, face to face the assistante sociale is very kind on a personal level). So that now after each meeting, we religiously ask "is the dossier complete, yes? nothing further for us to do?" Invariable two months later nothing has been done, on the basis of "incomplete dossier"....... we have passed through the shouting phase, the crying phase, and now into the laughing hysterically phase ;-)

second that, my OH was with them for years and they were always good face to face so pop in and see them or phone (they're a million times better and more efficient than the RSI, we speak from experience!)

I'm with MSA because of the school I work at is Agricultural, I started at 80% 31 and a half hours a week but after an accident de travaille was reduced to 50% with a suposed top up disability pension of 30%. I have found if you contact them with queries they are usually pretty happy to help you with them and find the right advice.