Mucking about with stats

Out of idle curiosity I selected five frequent contributors to this forum and looked at their statistics, I’m no mathematician but if I’ve got it right this group post roughly at anywhere between 66 and 210 times a month. Am I correct?


It’s one of the joys of this place, that it’s an active community. Post a question or a joke, make a comment and the chances are within a matter of hours, often minutes, there is a reply. One might have to wait a bit longer for tried and trusted “experts” on here to reply, but they will, with invaluable information.

I belong(ed) to a gite forum that used to be fantastic but in recent years members have migrated to Facebook, which is appalling and no way a substitute for a well-run forum. So threads sit there for weeks with only one or two comments - very sad.

I think the success of this place also is that it is largely self-moderated and the owners have a very light touch.

Long may SF continue.


I’m a cup of tea poster which is when I make myself stop and have a “natter”.This is my morning natter as I get up early and get things about the house done so I can relax with a coffee etc until its time to do something else. Keeps the brain ticking over as well.

I hop on and off the forum, in between answering emails and working on stuff… :+1:
Otherwise I might be bored stiff sitting in front of the screen … :roll_eyes: :rofl:
mind you, there’s a lovely view out of the window and the landscape and wildlife are another good distraction :+1:

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No way of knowing if your correct or not without knowing the Five contributors :wink::thinking:

Quand on aime on ne compte pas :wink:


Like you Stella, I like to dip in and out and to look out of the window now and then too. I counted 18 tourterelles who came for their seeds this morning. They wait in the trees for me around 9am and once I’ve gone they land one by one. The seeds don’t last long!


Very pretty your tourterelles turques :heart_eyes:

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They are! I love seeing the couples in spring, like these two…

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The cats are keeping an eye on our new male ring pheasant looking for some females, he is strutting around the field at the moment.

img_  354566-76467


Just to keep the thread digression going, I felt I ought to post a photo of a penguin. :smiley: :smiley:

(Image not mine but © Glenda Rees)


We think ours has got about five wives, would you like one or two? :slight_smile:

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We have two with Harlems, this is a new one.

What a wonderful thread drift :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Harems? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Typing with stumps of fingers :laughing:

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I got very excited visiting Cosquer in Marseille when they were (I thought) talking about large penguins, and intrigued about the idea of penguins in the south of France.


And what I was looking at looked like it could be a penguin. However a faux ami of a sort as the realised a grand pingouin is a great auk.


It can be challenging at times typing on a phone screen keyboard :yum::laughing:


Is there some sort of posting/members league table?

The Facebook group that I admin, for Brits living in the EU, regularly has over 1,000 posts a month with over 13,000 comments.
However I do agree that many Facebook groups have almost no activity.