Multilingual interpreter


I just arrived to the South of France a few months ago and although I have met great people in such a short time I would love to get to know people who have been in the same shoes as I am now, pretty lost not knowing how all works.

I was born in Brazil, but my father was italian and mother who is with me is american.

My last port was Andalucía where I worked as a interpreter for the National Police and the Courts.

My intention is to find a job here which I am seeing that it is so hard.... to work as a interpreter, as I speak five languages; english, italian, portuguese, spanish and french.

Realestate would also be great as I worked in this business for 14 years in Rio de Janeiro.

I would like to get to know some of you and chat, maybe a koffie? and hear all about this area.

Hope hearing from you soon.


Welcome to the forum Alexandra! How far south is south?? Are you in the Marseille or Perpignan area? There are lots of wise and generous folks in this network and I'm very sure that some will have experiences or ideas or suggestions for you, even over a cup of coffee .... if they're in your area. Settling in France isn't always easy and I suspect it's more challenging (based on comments from others on SNF) if you're hoping to find some work. Maybe someone has experienced a great online source for finding work? I've personally come across a lot of expat real estate agents since making the move to France - are there any in the network who can share their experience of getting work in France? Good luck and I hope you can settle in and land a job soon!

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