Multiple HC devices

Badger - Picking up on comments you made in an earlier thread that you have installed multiple day/night devices on a single contactor, may I ask some detail on this please?

I can see how it is possible having all the devices fed from one fuseboard, but question if it is possible, and indeed safe, to have multiple devices spread over a few branches. In my situation, one house and two gites on separate branches. each will have an individual hot water tank. Yes, I was going to use a modern electronic timer and bought a suitable Legrande model that is battery backed and even has an auto summer/winter time adjustment, from leboncoin. I had to deploy it to the pool though as the mechanical one there started to make the grinding noise indicatiing end of life. Before I buy another two, I thought it a good idea to explore the possibility of using what is already there - a good old fashioned auto HC contactor!

My limited theoretical knowledge says that the auto HC function across three branches is not good practice. Am I correct? If though, it is a common procedure, how are the two day/night switch contactors wired back to the auto switch?


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I didn’t say I’d used one contactor for multiple devices.

What I did say was that I’d run multiple contactors from one HC/HP switching circuit.

Within one installation that means that you could have more than one contactor fed via different différentiels &/or phases but just the one control circuit. Within the contactor they are electrically separate.

I did once wire a small gîte complex (that had one triphasé supply) to use the one HC/HP meter switch. It involved the use of some other contactors, in order to keep the installations electrically separate as much as possible.

If you have a situation where a live supply can still be present within an outlet (such as a heater point) or within another tableau you must label things accordingly, but it is allowed.

Thanks Badger - apologies, too many ‘contactors’, I meant as you say: multiple devices on the HC/HP switching circuit albeit using individual contactors with the switch on them…

It is your last line that is of interest, that it is allowed to have a marked wire that remains live in a box after it is switched off.

Thinking about though after I posted, it would of course be much neater and safer to use the HC/HP auto function for the house only and a timer on the others. The Legrand one is pretty comprehensive, even allowing programmation of winter/summer time change. OK, expensive for what it does, but assuming it never sticks in the on position, should be forgotten once fitted…

Yes, mark the wire, but a warning has to be visible on the cover too i.e. you are aware before opening it.