Mum and kitten waiting for their turn

Following the irresponsible behaviour of an english couple more than 20 cats were left without a home at the end of 2010.

Monique, just 18 months old, and her 8 month old kitten Timmy are the only ones left to find homes for.

Both neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, they can be seperated and are adorable.

Monique is a pale calico 3-colour cat who adores to be cuddled, she has such a soft, loving personality and has taken her dire circumstances in her stride. She would love to have her own home along with Timmy.

Timmy, a female grey and white was so called as she was very timid - no more!! She is still wary of strangers and has a very playful character, quite mischevious when she gets to know you.

Timmy born 20/5/2010 numéro d’identification 250268500476795

Monique born sept 2009 numéro d’identification 250268500476816

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We are delighted that Monique was rehomed about a week ago.
Timmy has really come out off her shell and is an adorable playful kitten (10 months old now) she loves to play with feet and if you’ve got laces, she is in heaven! Just a shame that she hasn’t learnt to tie them up again yet.

Timmy’s photos and more details of all the cats we have for rehoming are on our website

Stupidity knows no boundaries Christine!

I hope they will quickly find a new home. They are really beautiful. How can people left 20 cats alone !