Murder in Provence

Look, I meant no offence to you or your choice of viewing; our tastes could be very different. I have not watched enough episodes to give a personal opinion…if it pleases you and gives you something to watch during the heat, great.

Is this a new series or has it just started airing on tv? I saw the first episode of what I think maybe this show quite some months ago streaming and wasn’t particularly impressed (sorry :see_no_evil:) but I’m just wondering why there’s suddenly discussion of it now so maybe this is a different one? Maybe I should give it another go?

Neither have I, I don’t know if it has been on before, if it has, I haven’t seen it. As far as I am concerned there has been only one episode, and that is the one I watched, and liked, mainly because of the excellent cast.

Yes, I thought the car fitted the character as well. It was just the comparison with the old Jag that Morse used to drive that caught our attention.

I am back in the UK until early September, and noticed it was advertised on ITV hub free of charge. I remember it being streamed at one point earlier this year but at a cost.

Glad no ill feeling. I thin I shall watch it. Iike your dog, I’m a German Shepherd lady, for 45 years!

The jag wasn’t in the original books - Ford sierra I think (Lancia, actually, according to Wikipedia) - the jag was from the TV series though it seemed to fit the character so much that later books were altered.

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Like you, I’ve seen this before. Well the first episode only, we gave up after that. Despite really liking Roger Allum we thought this was rather lightweight and it mostly seems to have been shot in the UK. Horses for courses I suppose or am I mixing it up with something?

I like Midsomer Murders. It’s a laugh a minute and the ideal thing to “watch” on the TV while also browsing the days news on the iPad.

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Non at all Kate, I might have been a bit quick on the draw, I thought you liked it and had mixed me up with another poster, who didn’t. :smiley:

As I said, I will watch again and take it from there. I am a bit confused about the French system though. I know about Juges d’Instruction but thought they took less of a direct part in the investigation than these 2 who seem to be the opposite numbers of Morse, Lewis or Thursday. My excuse is that I have seen French shows in this genre, the one in Paris with the detective pair who became lovers and skated close to the law, which I watched avidly through 2 or 3 series. As usual these days, can’t remember the name. :roll_eyes:

Midsomer Murders went sour on me long ago. It appeared to me that they ran out of ideas and descended into the realms of the occult to fill the space. Not my cup of tea now I’m grown old, as a teenager I was keen on Dennis Wheatly books, but no longer. :grinning:

I like all dogs, but prefer medium to large myself. A very rare (because I am 2nd time retired) journey to Poitiers next Friday to collect a 1 year old Lab/Shepherd X and deliver her near here. We, the Association and I, had to laugh, a vet had described her as a Labrador/Berger Suisse, but she is completely black. :astonished: :rofl:

Mmm, watching the current episode. Much better than the first IOP (in our opinion). I suppose all series need to get into their stride.

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An easy watch that makes you feel good, but hey do they drink wine? Love it


It is not an area of France that I would want to move to, firstly the murder rate but also absolutely everyone speaks English.


I like the program because of the things that it doesn’t have, such as excessive bad language and graphic depiction of gory violence.
Haven’t you just got to love the lycra clad Commissioner of Police who turns up at the last minute to take the credit.

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I’m really looking forward to watching this on dvd … eventually. :roll_eyes:

I am still liking it, though not as much as the 1st episode, I think that while the actors are very good the writers leave a bit to be desired with the words they put in their mouths.
But my chief criticism is the partnering of the lead actor’s ‘wife’, to the partial exclusion of the large lady who had a bigger role in the first episode.
Smacks a little of somebody and Tuppence, one of A. Christies detective couples I believe.
But Patricia Hodge’s occasional contributions are priceless. :joy:

She is Keala Settle who played the Bearded Lady in The Greatest Showman. She is an extraordinary singer.


I loved Patricia Hodge in Rumpole

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Looks like there are only 3 episodes in the first series as not on last night or next Sunday. Replaced by Van de Valk. Disappointing, contrary to some opinions I really enjoyed it. Not due back in France until September so made even more compelling

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I’m looking forward to getting the dvd’s eventually.

oh… and Van de Valk… that brings back memories… used to love watching that series years ago…

Dear heavens! they wear clothes in bed. Roger Allam, a fine actor, strolls through it as if he’s in simply for the fee. How marvellous he was / is in Endearvour