Murder in Provence

Anybody watched it? Is it worth the bother? The Allum guy out of Lewis fronts it I believe.

I watched it this evening and thoroughly enjoyed the whole two hours. Very well written, and I liked the humorous use of dry sarcasm. Roger Allum did his usual excellent job of portraying his allotted character.

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I agree, Robert, I loved it and as you say Roger Allum does his usual excellent job. Already got it bookmarked for next week. :smiley:
BTW @BuzzP Allum was co-starring in Endeavour, not Lewis. :wink: :smiley:

Last year, I think it was, Allum starred with a well known actress whose name escapes me at the moment in a radio series about a couple who have been together many years and are looking back on their life together. It was excellent, and I am one that normally avoids radio drama because my ears have difficulty recognising different characters that I can’t see.

Easy watch and enjoyed it but worried it will become Midsummer Murders in Provence!

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Thanks for the reviews. A must watch now.

Joanna Lumley, wasn’t it?

Great scenery, ham acting and an implausible plot. Won’t bother again.

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That’s the one, even more brain dead than usual in this heat. :roll_eyes:

The Roger Allum / Joanna Lumley programme is “Conversations From A Long Marriage”

I was pleased to see a murder mystery set in France where, unlike comparable French programmes, the star detective was not a woman having to endure either a useless male boss or a useless male underling. Lol

Thanks for the recommendation

Dreadful, I expected Morse to appear at any moment.

Thank you, and welcome. :grinning:

The OH said that when she saw the Citroën DS he was driving.

whether it is worth watching is up to you. However, Roger ALLAM (spelling, please) is a distinguished british actor with a lengthy career, and was in my opinion superb in the series Endeavour

Sorry about the spelling of his name, but if you are going to be picky should your comment about whether I liked it and intend to watch it further be directed at me? :roll_eyes:

I’m not being personal, but actors work hard in an unstable profession, and it’s a compliment to them and polite to note how their names are spelt

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Yes some great actors in this but the plot was so lightweight - more like daytime afternoon fare. Hopefully improves.

I rather like the car. Adds a bit of class and fits nicely with the character being portrayed. Reliable, tried and tested, and still doing the job it was intended to do.

I fully understand that, and apologised, what I was referring to was your erroneous other comment that was personal.