Murier Plantane tree, cutting roots near patio

We have a beautiful Murier Plantane in our small garden.
I planted it as a small sapling nearly 25 years ago.
It is now a rather large tree that I heavily prune in March (which is the custom in 83) and it provides lots of shade in the summer.
The garden is laid to gravel and after all this time it is clear that very large roots, half above ground are getting too close, in fact touching, a raised concrete crazy paving patio.
We love the tree and want to proceed cautiously. The trunk is about 5/6 meters from the patio edge. My plan is to cut ONE root at the patio edge and three meters from the trunk, lifting and disposing of the root which appears to be the size of my calf.
Other surgery would follow next year.
Do any members have experience of this type of action.
Any tips and hints gratefully received.
Thank you.

Have a chat with your local cantonniers about your murier platane, in 83 (my home departement :heart:) they should be used to dealing with them. If they give you advice that seems extreme (eg if in doubt, whup it out) do what you have planned, and see what happens.

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Than you Véronique. I will probably act in the next 24 hours.

If you love the tree and want to preserve it then I wouldn’t do major surgery until later in the year., or indeed next spring. Cutting off a significant root while still in full leaf and growing could exaggerate the shock.

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Yes winter would be best, in December when it is dormant.

I reiterate the thoughts of Véro and Jane… please wait until the tree is dormant (if you possibly can).

I cannot think that the tree will do any more “damage” in the meantime…

Unless you live somewhere with very cold winters, when you should wait until the worst of the cold has passed and it is soon to be spring. Physical damage to a tree followed by freezing temperatures is not a good combination. A little bit of frost is fine, but not below -2 or 3.

Personally I think I’d change the patio…

Thank you everyone for your advise.
The deed is done.
I cut out 2 meters of a very large root from the edge of the patio.
I will not be back to see the results for six months.
I will try to post an update in March 2020.

Ouch… :face_with_head_bandage::face_with_thermometer: