Music that cheers you up

Tough times at the what do you play to cheer you up ?

Here's mine to start fave rock band who are the best live act I have ever and dont forget to sing along at the end....!!! na na na na na na naaaa...

now this always make me laugh.....

loving the suggestions ....keep em's pi**ing down here !

Ah top tune Ben. I'm off to see Thunder in December....are you going to the gigs?

From an old Jazzer: look at

Hey Tim; nice posting. Mine is:

Strangely enough also a "Thunder" song(playd loud, very loud!)

love Queen but the two old favourites that I go for are zebda, with guest appearance by Jamel, and Alex Britti :

oh and the italian Amy Winehouse; Giusy Fererri (once you get past the ads...)

Enjoy ;-)