Music that takes you back

Just been out in the garden, feet up enjoying the most beautiful weather, listening to Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother.

Straight back to 3rd year at Slough Grammar, and a great group of friends. Strange how some music does that to you.

Life seemed a lot simpler then


A lot of people don’t like that album (I do) including Dave Gilmour. Meddle is good too, saw them do Echoes at Knebworth 1975

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We saw a concert by the tribute band Back to the Floyd a couple of weeks ago in Le Mans, the show was very slickly presented and the music and musicians were excellent, a very enjoyable night ,10/10 :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Much prefer Meddle to AHM personally.

I think all the music I play or hear takes me back to some memory, good or bad. In fact, I associate just about all my past in terms of music of the time.

Interesting subject.

I was there :sunglasses:. Drove from Cap d’Agde on a Thursday night (Sunbeam Rapier fastback) arrived at knebworth very early Saturday morning, first in the car park- last out…

Girls’ School on one side of the city… Boys’ School on the other side.
The powers that be… decided to allow everyone to meet… once a week in the gymnasium at the Boys’ School… for a sort of Youth Club (under supervision of course… aargh)

I heard this song for the first time… at that first YC meeting… as a very shy girl, standing with her equally shy friends, while we watched the older girls parading and flirting with "the Boys… "

Hearing it, no matter how many years in between… and I am transported straight back there, to that other lifetime…

Hi Griffin

Best Floyd tribute act i have seen was the Australian Pink Floyd.


Hi Mark

i have always loved Floyd. All the way from Piper at the Gates of Dawn, through Meddle, Echos,Dark Side of the Moon to Wish You Were Here.

A really interesting progression of music.



Say no more.

We had the same situation, Slough Grammar School and St Bernard’s Convent

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