Music to lighten the mood - please add your own choices

Wonderful song about lost love. Not one to lighten the mood, but one for that feeling of nostalgia for what might have been on a night when the moon is full.

One of the best intros ever!

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A song for le confinement… (sadly Tim Bergling is no longer with us).

Certainly lightened my mood today…been singing it all day :slightly_smiling_face:

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These guys almost always put a smile on my face

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single, Touch, just released. Touch - YouTube

I’m imagining some of our local farmers getting together… like this… :rofl:

The odd thing is that the videos have a distinct “small US farming community” feel - yet the band are Finnish.

International look, in my view… having fun is worldwide…

They certainly look as though they are having fun :slight_smile:

One weekend… at a houseparty in Soulac-sur-mer… one chap started playing gentle old tunes (which we all knew) on his accordeon and… voilà… we all turned into singers/musicians of sorts… (and, no, we weren’t tiddly…).

Nothing quite beats such impromptu moments …

Looking forward to when we can all get together, again…

I so agree Stella, we were in a local creperie, end of the season, she was closing for the winter and she began to tell us stories from the 30+ years she had been running the place - when, as she put it, the world came to her doorstep. It was a magical moment, tinged with nostalgia as she was closing at the end of the following season.