Music to lighten the mood - please add your own choices


Listened to this growing up, still makes me laugh now!!

that was magical… cheers

I think my parents probably still have the original 7" vinyl somewhere, glad you enjoyed it Stella :slightly_smiling_face:

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He’s a great showman (André Rieu) and populariser of light classical concerts. We went to one of his out-door evening concerts in Maastricht a few years back, don’t know how he maintains the virtuoso momentum, but he never disappoints. Maastricht a very pretty little town.


You lucky chap… I would dearly love to attend one of his concerts… but I make do with youtube… :hugs:

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During the day I find the mood is sure to be lifted by two works by C.P.E. Bach, the Six Symphonies for Strings and Continuo and The Flute Concertos. They are just pure musical sunshine .

Later, after a difficult day, or knowing times are going to get worse before they get better, crack open a good bottle, crank up the volume and kick out the jams with the 5,000 people jiving away to the final number of Eric Clapton’s 70th birthday Royal Albert Hall gig - Cocaine.

The stuff never did much for me but this version of the JJ Cale song is real happy hour. Even EC can’t help smiling at the effect it’s having, especially on the two women in leopard spot dresses leading the charge to the front of the stage.

On YT this is followed by ‘I Shot The Sheriff’ but a better version of this great Marley reggae groover is the one from the 2010 Crossroads Festival. EC looks like Worzel Gummidge but still cranks it out. Over 66.6 million views can’t be wrong.

Very much later, when the mood is a great deal more contemplative and it’s Macallan in the glass rather than Medoc, it’s time for Miles. His album ‘In A Silent Way’ has, after all, two tracks called ‘Shhh’ and ‘Peaceful’

Just as mesmerically transporting is the Gil Evans arrangement for Miles Davis and wind band, ‘Sketches of Spain’. This starts with a wonderful, atmospheric arrangement of the 'Concerto de Aranjuez

More mainstream, a track I am playing every day at least once - learning the bass part, in fact - because it is, as the title has it 'A Groove Thang’ by Larry Carlton. This slips down like a malt from the glens.


37 minutes of pure bliss… with a tear in your eye to boot

or 50 minutes of Dvořák

The ‘Best of Sellers’ was marvellous, too. “Balham: Gateway to The South”. "See the ever-changing lights of Bal-ham - red, red and amber, green and back to red again…"

One of my party pieces was an impression of ‘The Party Political Broadcast’. Seller used the voice of Harold Macmillan, “I do not consider present conditions likely

Right now they are, indeed, difficult to believe.

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He is very versatile…

Andre Rieu is truly magical both on his DVDs and the three times I have seen him live in Rennes and Toulouse. Sadly he now misses SW France on his tours.
But for me I will never forget the quite words. " Ladies and Gentlemen The COUNT BASIE Orchestra with & Miss Ella Fitzgerald"
The curtains went back and I have never forgotten that evening since. You can find it on The Atomic Count Basie LP and still available on CD.


The Count was wonderful. His touch was supreme. So spare but just perfect. I much prefer him to The Duke, tho’ he was fab, too. Basie used to say, “I just sit here, play a bit. I have the best seat in the hall”

I had the amazing and unexpected pleasure to meet The Count. Our photo crew was doing the thing with piles of aluminium flight cases outside the doors into the airport at Phoenix. AZ. A bunch of guys was doing the same with flight cases labelled ‘The Count Basie Orchestra’. A diminutive figure in a pork-pie hat came out and sat on a bench just by.

“My God!” I said to my boss, who liked his big-band stuff, “That’s Count Basie!” I spent a few minutes chatting with him before he was hoisted into the band bus. They’d been playing a season at Palm Springs and he was bushed.

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I love bagpipes…

Elvis has NOT left the building (he’s just hiding)

I’ve never been a fan of Elvis, but if I could see one musical “icon”, it would be a young Elvis, to see where “it” all started.

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