Music to muck out to!

After a few months out in the field full time I now have 3 back in their stables nightly to muck out …thank goodness for the new Take That album which eases the mucking out pain. What are you mucking out to?

Hi - listen to Barry White this am…forget how good he his

Sorry Helen but a big thank you n hugxxx

Hi just read this - going to download new album asap....

I normally listen to Bonjovi, Aerosmith, Dean Martin, 50-60's when mucking out a real mix I know....

It bloody freezing here today and off to muck out now....ipod in hand.

I listen to podcasts rather than music while I am mucking out my mare's paddock every day or so. I find that "stuff you should know" and "stuff you missed in history class" are a great distraction. We have had such bad weather down here in the Herault recently that mucking out is taking longer and longer and I find that with podcasts it feels a bit as if I am watching telly, rather than stuck knee-deep in mud and s**t.

I just download free ones from the itunes store.

Happy new year...

Ah a bit of metal Helen, now that could work.

I'm liking mucking out too Catharine but it's only been a week and the upside is I get to work them regularly in the school which is harder when they're out 24/7.

only do shavings though - can’t stand straw!

I actually enjoy mucking out...twisted I know.

But mine live out anyway - much to their disgust!

My horses live out all year round so you can imagine the shock to the system as I am looking after a friend’s Throrughbred here at the moment who has to be stabled at night!! Nightwish is my current music of choice…