last night ,we as newbies in Eymet went along to the music night in the Eymet town square.Given the venue a delightful bastide square we expected a bit of decent music which would hve complemented the surroundings.

What we got was a bunch of sad old Brit 5th rate singer guitarists singing the same old rock and roll oldies crap. way too too loud on lousy sound equipment.

Shame on the Mairie allowing this rubbish.

Tom Ibarra plays down your way occasionally......well worth seeing.

Things could have been far worse.....Johnny Hallyday might have been in town.

Tom Ibarra i do not know but when I saqw one old fart with a grey ponytail and a ban the bomb sign on a black sweater I thought this is going to be crap and what I saw and heard was

I'll get the scissors out then...

The whole point of the fĂȘte de la musique is that it is an opportunity for ANYONE who wants to make music (or cacophony) to go ahead. So they do. Why don't you play/sing/do percussion/dance next year then?

I am new here but I think the beautiful Bastide square of Eymet deserves far better than tired old rock standards we have all heard a million times before played far too loud and not very well.

If you wanted to do justice surely a choir would be wonderful, a jazz set. Perhaps some medieval music.The Peruvian restaurant around the corner had an exellent band. There is a lot of exciting possibilities but the venue seems to have been taken over by the English fish and chip brigade.

Maybe the other Eymet people who like making music had gone to Bergerac - my children & their friends tend to perform in Bergerac rather than in their village(s)