Musician in financial difficulty

Hello I am writing on behalf if a friend who is a musician. He is waiting a certificate to confirm he carried out a gig. He needs this certificate to claim benefits. If he can’t claim benefits he is unable to pay his rent, bills etc. He seems to have got a brick wall with trying to get this certificate. They keep saying the person is on holiday. He has very limited French. Can someone advise how to resolve this. Is there a citizens advice bureau or intermediary who could take this further? Any advice would be gratefully accepted.

Hello Karen

In the first instance, I would suggest he visits his Mairie and discusses what has been going on… They may well be able to point him in the right direction… if they are unable to help him directly…

I assume he’s registered with the MdA so he could ask them for advice?

I’m a bit confused though, is this a process he goes through regularly after each gig? Has CAF already accepted his dossier and do they keep reviewing his entitlement based on recent activity? Only I thought they calculated your this year’s APL entitlement on your previous year’s revenue and paid a fixed amount per month, not just as and when. But I could be wrong on that, or maybe there’s a different process for musicians.