Musicians - Singer/guitarist is looking for musicians or band

In the south Dordogne and north Lot-et-Garonne area for gigging or just playing for fun. If you think you might be interested please e-mail me.

Hi Cameron,
we’re close to you in 47150 (when we’re in France).
our local cafe has regular open jamming nightswhere you could make some connections.
There is also music at least once a week in summer.

Cafe des Allees, Montagnac-sur-Lede

Have fun :slight_smile:

Hi Ray,

Thanks for your reply. Your idea sounds interesting, maybe you could let me know when the jam-nights are and I will take a ride over. Perhaps we could meet up at the bar when you are in the area.
Please feel free to add my e-mail to the Bar’s mailing list.



Tel: 0553712001
Mob: 0781800421

Hi Cameron,
it’s still a holiday home for the time being so I won’t be getting daily
updates during visits to the cafe but I think they post everything in
advance on FaceBook. I don’t use facebook myself but it should be visible.

Please feel free to ping me a personal message if you’re going and we could
meet up.

Very best, Ray

You may find this Facebook group useful

Maybe there’s a similar group in your area.

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Thanks for the mail. I have looked but can’t find one locally.
At least it is encouraging that people are reading my ad…!

Consider joining the group, there’s a great variety of members from further afield than PC. You may just come across others. Maybe a performer on tour or something. It’s amazing sometimes what’s around.