Muting 'hidden' individuals

To mute someone, I usually click on their avatar, select their profile and choose ‘mute’ from the drop down list.

There’s someone I’d like to mute at the moment, but when I try to do so I receive a message to say that their public profile is hidden - so I’m unable to get to the drop down list.

Is there an alternative method of muting?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Brian
Looking at Discourse, I don’t think it’s possible by default.
I think the best you can do (as suggested on Discourse) is you should flag such posts or send a private message to a member of the Team @james @cat @billybutcher to outline any concerns. If a user profile is hidden, you are not able to PM them of course so have little alternative.
There is the possibility of an underlying user script using something like Greasemonkey to run user-scripts to hide all posts from a given user but I’m not certain James as Admin would encourage it as it would need to be cleaned up and packaged as an extension or something which will have a cost I’m not even sure James would find the cost justified and would have the potential to break the system to boot.

No criticism Brian, but why would you, or anybody, want to mute someone? I am puzzled, why not just ignore them? Not asking for details in the present case of course but I have also been puzzled when I have read that someone is muting a thread.

Every day, at least once and usually several times, I check my avatar, then new posts and finally unread posts. But I don’t read them all, in fact the majority I just ignore as being of no interest. I don’t find that process onerous.

Just interested because each day I learn something new, @Pamela_Shields has just taught me how to read Kindle books on my computer. I had no idea. :astonished: :joy:

For my own reasons, which I would not anticipate anyone else would be interested in!

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Thanks, Graham,

These aren’t posts that need to be reported, just a series of posts in which I have no interest whatsoever and I’d rather they didn’t clutter up the limited screen available on my phone!
Going as far as modifying grease monkey would be out of proportion compared to the degree of nuisance caused.

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ooooo wonder who it is - as an egomaniac is it me? Being garrulous I am often muted. Rabbiting to someone one day he said ‘you need a good editor’

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Hi David - time for me to fess. What I know about teccie stuff you could spit into a gnat’s eye. Twas my OH whose teccie skills leave my jaw on the floor. He invested 4.99 for a Kindle version to test he can read it (not that he wants to)!

BTW David I didnt know what an avatar was!!

I reckon each of us could decide “the cap fits”… :roll_eyes:

I’ve muted very, very few folk over the years… but have muted several actual Threads (after reading and deciding they really aren’t my cup of tea/of any interest and/or I can’t add anything useful to the conversation…)

and if I get bored… I run through the list of muted threads… :joy: :rofl: how sad is that :wink:

BTW re unable to buy Kindle on Amazon France
This was published in 2015 but I bet all you clever clogs out there already knew it I always SBO Stating the Bleeding Obvious

Bad News for Kindle Unlimited in France? - Publishing Perspectives.

@_Brian - DM me the user in question and I’ll see if I can add it to your muted users, I don’t think hidden users are hidden to mods and I also think we can modify other users’ profiles.

That said I generally find it more useful to mute threads, especially as people (almost certainly including me) can be dogmatic on one subject but helpful and knowledgable elsewhere.


Oh, I see now, because you are using a phone. I only use a PC to read the forum so that wouldn’t occur to me.

I’m the same David… but you do have to wonder as outlined why someone on SF would wish to prevent interaction from other members by PM without just reason.
I only know of one personally… and that was done in the past for reasons of their own security as a measure to prevent them being harassed by a person intent on hounding them…
I mention contact the Team because no user can mute a moderator… and if someone is causing difficulties, it is their job to take any appropriate action to help resolve it in the background.

There may be a different issue of course… that the user in question experimented with a setting and has forgotten about it… a timely reminded from the Mods might resolve that :wink:

I do not like PMs at all, mainly because I keep records of all my correspondence, but with SF there is another reason. I find it not obvious to tell the difference because of the way notifications are made and, not long after I arrived I replied to what I thought was a PM, including others’ names, only to see to my horror that it was printed in the thread for all the world to see.

Fortunately no damage was done but it has made me even more wary, and if a PM appears to involve multiple replies I politely ask it to be taken to email. :smiley:

Once or twice I’ve found the mute button very useful when a member has a particular hobbyhorse or a very strange way of communicating and it doesn’t seem to matter what the topic, they somehow bring it round to their issue and go on frequently and at great length. Which then makes reading the thread and other people’s posts challenging and frustrating. I haven’t used it often but it’s good to know it’s there when needed.

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I just speedread to the boredom threshold and move on. :wink: :grinning:

That of course is a good reason for muting someone but the issue that @_Brian has is the member concerned has defeated that opportunity to do so - hence his support question.


I think (just think, mind you… ) that one can “mute” a “hidden person” if the muting is done via ones own “preferences” section… ie where one can mute the thread… or mute the person… these are different sections of the mute thingy…

I’m not usually adept at computer thingies, but I just gave it a go and without going “all the way”… I didn’t come up against the problem which had raised its head when I looked at the Avatar…
Shall I go all the way… might as well… can always undo it… let’s give it a whirl
EDIT: i’ve just muted a hidden person… and the computer didn’t blow up :crossed_fingers: :+1:


how so @David_Spardo
On PM’s I use the carpenters principle… measure twice cut once :wink:
and if to your horror you find that you have misposted something, caught quickly before the edit ticker comes in to play, you can just edit the post with something like “deleted post” and then delete it - and that is all anyone sees. If left to after the ticker time engages (5 minutes usually) then others will be able to see the edit history and what you originally wrote…


Thanks, @billybutcher , but I’ll keep things as they are - mods should not need to waste their time editing the membership to suit my inadequacies :rofl:

I’d interested to know how a non-mod can make their profile private though :thinking:

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