Mutuelle Called APRIL

My partner and I have a Mutuelle with a company called APRIL. Broker says they are the best of a bad job for us - (2 elderly blokes). I know that it all depends on individual circumstances, but does anyone have experience of them .We just find them rather incompetent.
Thanks in advance

We are with April. They have been ‘a mixed bag’. Our broker helped with sorting out several claims, delays etc. , since then we have had no problems.

Doesn’t the APRIL mutuelle pay automatically the part not paid via Social when using the carte vitale…???

Why were they delaying/non paying??

Thanks Bettina

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Complicated as I am still part of OH S1, but have my own Carte Vitale number… somehow it could not be linked together so all my claims were not recognized…
Sorted now thanks to Marianne from Fabiens office.

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We have been with them for a few years, but have never had reason to use their services so I can’t say if they are competent or not!

Interesting to hear that they may not be brilliant. We hope not to have to call on them, but if we do I will be wary, thank you.

We are with April International, which are probably the same. We’ve never had any issues with them. They have an English speaking helpline as well. The OH is having a knee replacement early next year, and we have their agreement that all charges will be met already. Lets see if it happens :crossed_fingers:

My partner and I are with them too as they were chosen for us by our broker (although I’m currently in the process of switching since changing employer). We’ve had no problems so far, although I’ve not really got anything to compare them to. They’ve so far been very prompt at reimbursing any charges we’ve paid.

That is good to hear Gareth

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Hope a;; goes well…

I was with them for several years, when I was in salaried employment, and they were pretty good at the time…like many mutuelles, they had a tiers payant system in which most of the costs covered by their policy were taken care of directly at the point of sale/service.

Thank you for the feedback RicePudding