Mutuelle recommendation

Does anyone have a Mutuelle top up they can recommend Thx!!

having just registered on the AE scheme i had to choose a mutuelle from the drop down list of 5/6 didnt have any knowledge of any of , but chose one called UMCAPI - not sure why exactly maybe the website had english not sure .

just wondered if i have made a grave error !

presumably its possible to change ?

HI Tony. Thanks for the phone call today - appreciate the time you spent explaining the minefield that is a mutuelle. I've downloaded the form and sent same to you today. :-)

Hi Tony. I sent you an email on 21st November. Perhaps it went astray?

Thank you Cheralynne for your encouraging comments regarding SOFICAS.

Many people wonder why SOFICAS quotes are so much cheaper than your local high street agents.

The main reason is thanks to you and what I call the "Expat Mentality".

For many years our close rapport with our clients has revealed that on average, compared to a French national our clientele use less their insurance.

Thanks to this phenomenon, we are able to negotiate with the different companies and reduce premiums and even create our own levels of cover like “British Health Ways”.

Thanks to your feedback and forums like SFN we keep up to date with problems that you are experiencing, especially now as again hundreds of clients are seeing their S1(E106) rights expire on the 5th January and full private cover is way too expensive. Sometimes other possibilities are preferable.

When you contact SOFICAS remember to mention SFN and ask for Tony MASON.

0556519160 or see the website for helpful hints regarding CPAM/RSI, top-up and full cover.

Yes, no problem Shirley, we moved into the Cantal for a while before coming back to the Aveyron and are now in the Tarn.

Meric - I do see bad comments about AXA so won't bother with them.

Get a quote from Allianz - we've found them very good . But not Axa - we moved from them because their admin was dreadful

Thank you - I will check them out too...

Exclusive Health Care - it is the only service we use that is devoted to Anglophones but they are very good on price and very friendly and helpful too.

I already completed an app. for a devis so will wait to see. Again thanks!

Thank you Cher I'll check them out too.

forgot to mention - no "britline", 100% French.


We found Sofica Assurance very helpful and they saved us over 500 euros a year when we changed from the company we started with when we came to France 7 years ago. They have agents in various regions, my office is based in Bordeaux,Telephone No: 0556511622 they have English speaking agents. Good luck. Cher.

Thank you!!! I will take a look...

le refuge mutualiste aveyronnais - excellent and cheap ;-)