My best jeans for decades

I’m sure many SF posters are mature (note , not ‘old’) enough to remember proper,imported Levi 501s, made from from heavy denim on 183 looms with the all-important striped selvedge seam that could be displayed wnen you turned them up . When I started wearing 501s I think they were around £4/-10s (took a moment to remember how to type that!) but they’re now between $250-300. However, I’ve just found a French jean maker, who makes the same (but better, heavier denim) for under 100 €. Can’t go on enough how much I like these slightly retro jeans. See:-

Sigh… Fond memories of a pair of needlecord Wranglers in black, with an embossed paisley pattern. I bought them in the King’s Road in 1971 and they lasted for the summer of that year, moving around Italy and southern France with a guitar and some friends :slight_smile:

Wow sounds like a nice trip. True a good pair of needlecord flares were indestructible (more lates 70s for me). At that time a wardrobe didn’t exist. One pair did all and then become shorts

On the other hand you’re giving me a conscience selecting a 27 size!