My dog, gone but not forgotten

Just read your post and know exactly how you are feeling. We lost our wonderful Labrador ruby 12 days ago and she too had a problem with her pancreas. She was with the vet for 8 days and she wasn’t getting any better so we brought her home, that night she was so distressed we let her out in the garden and left her for a very short while and came back with our coats on and she was gone …and we have never found her. These dogs are so special and I just wish I had known what a joy they can being earlier in my life. We always had cats before

And realise dogs bring so much more, I miss her. I see her everywhere

AndI hear her little snuffling noises and am tearful all the time.

I know time will heal but as you know, it is a very hard time.

SFN is a great help…to know there are other like minded people not

Far away does make a difference. Bon courage.

What sort of person is not beguiled by a scruffy dog who loves you or a cat

who trusts you and has her kittens on your bed?

Not sure in any way of people who have no kind feelings towards animals.

Perhaps it is time to head down the road towards a vegetarian life style.

My first restaurant was vegan.