My Dog

I've only arrived in the last couple of months, and I'm going to fly back to collect my motorhome, but I need somewhere to leave my 13yr old springer Tilley for ten days, she's never been in kennels, so I'm reluctant to do that, any ideas..................................

Thank you Alan, David and Valerie for your comments, luckily enough the lady who is giving me a lift to the airport has said she'll look after her, she has a Westie and a little Scotty dog, which Tills got on well with, so I think she'll be happy and well spoilt while I'm away.

Alan, if its ok I would like to keep in touch, I had thought about getting another Springer, Tills lost her little sister three years ago, but I think as she's getting older it would be unfair to introduce a new pup, but one day......![](upload://r0XJDVNtVCutWUIub6cbSLGscNM.JPG) Tills with an old friend....................

No I'm not. Surely it's just normal? Sorry - Richard, if you're reading - is she ok with cats? When I say "ok" I mean - does she have any great urges to kill them? As long as she doesn't then all should be fine. Obviously we'll take advice on when to keep her on the lead etc. Esp. when we go for a walk. Also how far she likes to walk. That's if you're happy to accept the offer!

David, you are such a nice man!! I think (sneaked a profile peek) Richard is over Confolens way so maybe an hour from you? Obviously I'll let him tell you himself but I really do hope it works out. x

Whereabouts are you Richard? We're in Bosmoreau Creuse 23 if that's any use to you. We'd happily look after her foc for 10 days as long as you left food etc. Our old girl died last Nov so it'd be nice to look after someone else for a little while.

Obviously if that's no good for you - best of luck!

Hi Richard

We breed Springers and run a boarding kennels, but are too far from you, South of Bordeaux.

For a dog that age do not use a dog sitter. They are unqualified and if there was an emergency might not know what to do.

How far are you from Mussidan/Bergerac? There is a kennels called Pattes et Griffes which is British run, but I do not know if it is within distance of you. Find a kennels useing Pages Jaune, go and see it and check they have a Certificate of Capacity. Sorry I can not be of more use. To see our Springers and their Pedigrees look at What are Tilley's breeding lines?

Best of luck: Alan

She's beautiful! Not sure about the shuttlecock on her head but ...

If I only had our original two I'd babysit her but we've now got 4, plus some renovation going on, and I don't think she'd cope with the chaos (me neither probably). I'm crossing fingers that someone in your area (Confolens, yes?) would love to have a companion for a little while in this gorgeous weather to go out strolling with.

Anyone? Go on, you know you'd love it.