My Grandmother's (Adapted) Chicken Soup Recipe with 3 Immune Boasting Ingredients

Need an easy-to-make, yummy-to-taste and keep-away-illness soup? I added three ingredients to keep you healthy: garlic, parsley will have to read the recipe: Grammie's Immune Boasting Chicken Noodle Soup

HI, Mary,

Yes, Finn normally doesn't my proofing, he is an absolute Godsend.

My Grandfather was from Austria, and as I mentioned Oma was a genius in the KItchen, but I guess in those days you had to be.

I thought it best to mention the ( you know ) at the risk of, you know.

I had to Google Boasting just in case you could boast your immune system, which I guess you can. lol

I AM SUCH A spelling LOSER! thanks for pointing my attention to that :)! I changed the title to boosting, haha. Ron, my grandmother was from Czechoslovakia (formally called) and did a lot of Hungarian/Austrian and Slovak cooking. I know it is not the same as Germany, but this old fashioned European cooking has similar origins. You are the first to point out my mistake in the title. Thanks for this, a bit embarrasing :slight_smile:

Jane, a singleton you say, why not boost our numbers in the singles group, new members always welcome, :-)

Hello Mary,

( I wasn't trying to be rude ) But yes I had a German Grandmother who could make wonderful dishes from next to nothing. Her Chicken soup was wonderful. She lived to be 96 years old.

I LOVE a good chicken soup and that looks lovely (though I can't do the noodles - just personal taste) It's a really good idea to have some ready made in the freezer too so it's there when you need it as the last thing you need to do when you're ill is cook. As a singleton, I usually have emergency chicken soup stashed away!

By the way - did you know that these days we are advised not to wash chicken before cooking? Washing apparently spreads more germs than it washes. Counter intuitive I know

Hi, I'm not your proof reading type, can't spell. But are you boasting or boosting?