My Kindle is now too old to download books?

I have just been notified that as from the 17th August my Kindle is now to old to continue down loading books.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Who told you?

me too

Kindle :frowning_face:

No, I wasn’t told, but one day as I settled down to read, my first one simply didn’t work.

So I bought another. A couple of years ago that one stopped too but the help chat online suggested a workaround and it started up again and is still going. Before that happened, my son bought me another one as a birthday present, so now I have 2, different but both good.

If I can find the workaround, it is wiritten down somewhere, I’ll let you know. The good news of course is, even if it won’t work all your stuff is still there if you buy another one.

This is the Kindle Paperlight I bought in 2013. It had free 3G reception as well as Wifi.

Kindle Paperwhite 3G (5ème génération), Écran Haute Résolution 6" (15 cm) 212 ppp avec éclairage intégré et Wi-Fi + 3G gratuit

3G reception no longer works, officially disconnected, but wifi does. So, I continue to use it.

No problems….yet?

How old is your Kindle?

I had an email from Amazon.
Apparently my Kindle is now ten years old, but it is very difficult to find out which of my Kindles they mean.
I do not use my Kindle to buy books, I usually get my books from Kindle Deal of the Day and Jim thinks that I should be able to continue to download from that email.

Found this – “ Beginning in late 2022, you’ll no longer be able to send MOBI (.AZW, .MOBI) files to your Kindle library using Send to Kindle. This change won’t affect any MOBI files already in your Kindle library. You can still read them with Kindle. MOBI is an older file format and won’t support the newest Kindle features for documents.”

I’m none the wiser for seeing all these Kindle file types but you might find information about which of your Kindles is affected and how to remedy what the problem is here…

If you go Home>Settings>Device Options>Device Info there will be info there which will identify the age - by model generation, perhaps, or serial number. You may need to contact Kindle to decipher the s/n - or it will be on the web somewhere.

Try the table on this page. MobileRead Wiki - Kindle Serial Numbers

If anyone’s a John le Carré fan his last ever book, Silverview, published last November or so, is available on for Kindle today only for £0.99 pence.


I have long since abandoned my Kindle machines in favour of the free app for mobile devices. I read my books on the go on my smartphone or in the house use a tablet. They so much more versatile.

I also use the free “Send to Kindle App” to send my personal recipe book, and all the manuals for my various gadgets, converted to Kindle format, from my computer to my phone and tablet. I now have a reading library and whole reference section tailored to my needs in my pocket.

I’m not certain it’s useful here but look at calibre/caliber - in simple terms it’s iTunes for books but it has good conversion built in - so you can convert formats. It’s probably mainly useful with pdfs or none Amazon formats but it may help
It’s a free download

I like the size of the Kindle, my I Pad is rather too heavy for me to enjoy reading.

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I used to use Calibre and it is very good as you say. If however you use “Send to Kindle” You can send any file from your computer (.doc, .pdf, .epub, 'jpg, etc) to your Kindle device with a simple right click of the mouse on that file and it goes straight to that device via the WiFi network getting automatically converted to Kindle format on the way.