My neighbours have invented a time machine

We arrived back from a late lunch popped in to say hello - it is now 17:30, 3 hours have been lost somewhere.

I seem to remember a nice bottle of local rose being waved around.

Is this why we have moved to France?


This is definitely a different world… :hugs:

No idea where the days or hours go, but life is never dull and we make new friends all the time it seems… :upside_down_face::joy::joy::joy:

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My old Father in Law had a time machine in his barn - I first discovered it in 1970 when l visited his farmhouse in Tourliac, Lot et Garonne, to ask him for his eldest daughters hand in marriage. It looked a lot like an alambic when l first saw it and was sworn to silence - However,the magical Eau de Vie that dripped from it’s little copper tap soon became the ticket to many a lost week-end and happy memories (if only l could remember them now☺).

The 3 months between discovering Dads time machine and our marriage the following February seemed to fly by in the wink of an eye.

I only indulge in EdV these days when in a safe environment and a friendly pair of hands is nearby to help me from the cerebral Tardis it evokes😉


This is the Eau de Vie the we obtained in Britanny more the 20 years ago.

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Wow, to actually have one of these revered gentlemen in your family - you are lucky indeed. :hugs:

Over the years, outings with French friends have led us to many “secret” places where we have enjoyed the fruits of France in various guises. Talking to the artisans is a major part of the enjoyment, although tasting the product of their labour is, of course, very important… yum yum

More often than not (if we were sober enough) we would buy a bottle as a souvenir. Such magic potions are enjoyed, in moderation (hic), mostly during the Winter when we sit comfortably relaxing by the log fire.

Just have to remember not to breathe out when opening the door to throw another log on the flames… :hugs::hugs: