My occasional bedmate

…joined me again during the night. This happens every so often for no apparent reason and he usually settles down on the bottom corner of the bed, nearest the wall. This then continues sometimes for 2 or 3 nights though he is usually gone by the time I wake up.

He did this again last night, underneath the open window and I went to sleep confident that he would prevent me from being murdered in my bed. My room, like all the others, is on the ground floor and the window opens onto the front terrasse. He didn’t stay long though, I vaguely remember him climbing over my legs to return to his own bed.

But this morning, perhaps I had moved closer to the open window, but I awoke feeling a large presence in my back, and there he was again, back to back with his legs towards the edge.

Looking forward to the winter though, and this giant hot water bottle. :joy:

Oh, forgot, his name is Jules. :roll_eyes:


Do you have a photo Spardo?

I know that once in the recent past I set up a trail camera to check how disturbed my sleep patterns were, but no, I don’t normally go to bed with a camera, and neither does he. :smiley:



Lol. I didn’t mean a photo of him lying next to you, just one you might have taken at some other time.

You might be encouraging me to fit the GoPro to him again, something I have done in the past but it requires me to fit his harness as well, perhaps a bit bulky for sleep purposes. :roll_eyes:

Here it is anyway:- Jules' 1st walk with GoPro - YouTube


This is Jules when I first met him, 5 years ago outside the refuge at Extauri near Pamplona where he had been awaiting rescue after being abandonned. I took him to a foster home near Pau where he was later adopted but, back in 2020 after his owner died I brought him back to us here.

And after his arrival here in 2020.


Oh how handsome is he!
I bet the queue of lady doggies vying for his attention goes round the block!!

Thanks for posting.

He is not entire, as they say, but at a recent afternoon sojourn at a friend’s kennels he apparently made amorous advances to a lady Collie, but very close attention from 3 lady Great Danes left him cold and he treated them with disdain. :rofl:

Obviously not a fan of big girls. :cry:

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:joy: :joy:

They can be a bit intimidating.

Perhaps he likes long flowing hair.

You could be right, 2 dogs he has met down the river field where we go quite often in place of the forest and field he has played wildly with a Collie and also, very wildly, with a handsome pure white and fluffy Berger Suisse. At times, so wild that the other owner, from one of the camping cars there, and I got a bit worried and called them to heel. But Jules did not follow the other dog into the river, he is not a water dog. :joy:

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