My rights over bad workmen


I live near Uzes in the Gard. I've just employed some French builders to do some work at my house, most of which went well. The final job was to finish the terrace in front of the front door. The expensive stone was laid. Then it rained. The rain bypasses the drain completely, gathers in the middle and then falls into the property. I have contacted the builders to tell them about this and they don't want to know. They don't even answer their phones. They have been paid of course (I know, I know....) What rights do I have here to get them back to repair a bad job? And how do I go about it? He is a registered builder.

A weekend of rain is forecast.....!

Thank you Shakuntala oh dear, six years?! It is very tiring isn't it when all you want is a decent job done - it should be so simple...! I will send the recorded letter and hope that spurs them into some kind of action. Fingers crossed.....

Thanks Suzanne , good advice. I don't want to go down the road of legalities but this may well push them in the right direction. Do you know... I stopped my judicial insurance last year thinking I'd never need it...!

hi mark, sorry to hear you're having problems.

Hopefully the Devis was signed and the work undertaken that is causing the problem detailed in the devis.

Suzanne is right, definitely send a letter LRAR notifying the builder of the problem and inviting him to make contact. when you send something LRAR, remember to the put the LRAR notice number on the letter so the letter and proof correspond.

Regarding the insurance, if you have, you will need to speak to the legal department as some types of work are not included in these basic policies.

I have been through a 6 year battle with a builder that is just drawing to a close, so can advise a little further .... if you like.



Hi Mark, do you have a copy of their insurance? If you have tried calling but get no response, next I would send a letter by registered post with avis de reception so you know it has been received. Do you have judicial insurance on your home contents policy - if not - it may be worth adding this for around 50 euro a year as they may then pursue this on your behalf via your insurance company to theirs.

Good Luck