Mysterious fat finger - any ideas?

The title says it all really, I awoke this morning with a mysteriously swollen ring-finger on my right hand. Twice the size of the one on the left, the joint nearest the palm was the worst affected. Stiff and sore and fat but not red. I couldn’t bend it and 15 hours later it still hasn’t quite gone back to normal. I haven’t been bitten or stung and no other digits on the same hand are affected. Any ideas? I’m not going to waste some wretched dr’s time with this but I don’t mind wasting yours :grinning:it happened once in the summer as well and I thought I must have been stung by something but there was no evidence then either.

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I’d take a stab at arthritis Vero.

I thought that would affect the joint? This is more like, well, finger pot-belly - the stiffness is just swollen flesh rather than structural. But thanks!

I wouldn’t have thought that bothering your doctor now would be a problem… far better to get it checked out if only for peace of mind.

Plan B would be to see your pharmacist.

Here is some entirely baseless conjecture from a few Google seconds; :slight_smile:

Who needs Doctors eh?!

It’s probably not Lupus

Hahaha I know what my pharmacist would say, he’d say look it’s a fat finger and laugh meanly. Not lupus (phew) nor bubonic plague, leprosy etc. I have a list considerably longer than my arm of non-starters… maybe I just sleep in a stupid position (now testing how I can contort myself so just my ring-finger is twisted!) Don’t wear rings etc to sleep so not that either. Anyway back pretty much to normal now so no need for hypochondriacal speculation.

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LOL never, ever look on the internet for a diagnosis - it will end in certain death!!


Like the Three Men in a Boat and the medical dictionary!


Collapse of sterling overnight being blamed on “fat finger syndrome”. So it’s all your fault innit! :grinning:


An idea ? ? ? There is a nasty little black spider around this summer, if it bits you it doesn,t leave a mark but just makes a nasty swelling come up, so this could be the answer ? ? ? It,s happened to me so I know. Maybe this can help, though I should think things have cleared up since your post ? ? ?


Oh thank you - everyone said “it’s a bite” but as I didn’t see any punctures or red spots or anything I discounted it. Excellent, I’d much rather have a bite than some awful ailment. The swelling took just under 24 hours to go, by the way.

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Do you have psoriasis by any chance? If so you should visit the doctor as it may well be psoriatic arthritis. I developed psoriasis on my hands a couple of years ago (at age 60!!) and then thought my thumb was infected as it was very swollen. A referral to the rheumatologist confirmed psoriatic arthritis.

No, no psoriasis, at least I don’t think so - I’d notice, surely? Oh god what fresh hellish things to be a total hypochondriac about. But thanks! Even though ailment paranoia is striking now.

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