Mysterious removal of posts

Is there an explanation why my posts and my husband’s posts regarding ‘if you live in France why would you vote for Brexit’ have mysteriously been removed from the debate along with several others. Admin please respond. I’m beginning to question why I’m paying to subscribe to this site if this sort of thing is taking place

Hi Angela…

I can see you posting on the current discussion… but are you talking about a similar thread from last year… your posts are still on that one too.

And, I do not understand your comment about paying to subscribe… ??? I don’t pay anything… should I be ???

When JAMES first started SFN he asked that people subscribe and I’ve been paying via PayPal once a year since then

I can see my main post but not others posts that I responded to nor the posts from my husband. Very odd!

You might want to cancel any future payments.

Hi Angela

You have one post in that thread as far as I can see, it’s this one

We don’t randomly delete posts, that would be counterproductive and pointless.


You can view your activity log here Angela

Thanks James, I rebooted and got them back! Couldn’t understand as there was nothing controversial.

Do I take it that nobody else pays?

You are not alone Angela, and we appreciate your support. :slight_smile:

Why do you suggest that @David_Naylor ?