Name a wet weather song!

It could be the first one that comes in to your head or your favourite, just has to be somehow wet weather related, we can all try and guess how if it's obscure! Go!

Hi James been off the blog for a while regards to all. I would have to go for Waterfall by 10cc and once in flow 'Theres a Hole in my bucket cant remember who sang it though....


Eh! Pet! Near neighbours then!

Reminds me of my Brother :)

Ocean Applause would be great at 500/1 but I reckon Dawn Approach will do it as evens favourite with the seven straight win form but Ocovango and Battle of Marengo are both in with a shout.

Who’ll stop the rain? Credence Clearwater (1970?)

I didn’t know you are a Northumbrian, Brian? My home town is Prudhoe!

How about Michel le Grand’s sound track to Les Parapluies de Cherbourg?

I've not donned my wellies to wade through the suggestions so far but Purple Rain by Prince definitely needs to be in there.

November Rain - the Guns n' Roses

Il pleut, il pleut, bergère, presse tes blancs moutons etc etc. Apparently written with Marie-Antoinette in mind.

The measure of my dreams

That was the Fred Astaire, GInger Rogers song I was thinking of. I've muddled up two together. Duh.

Oh Cate - you shouldn't have made the teeth remark in front of Peter Bird - he knows a bit of me history. Especially the bit when I had no teeth.

Rainy Night though - got to be up there as a tune and a half and It really was how I met the mrs. Never looked back since.

Uriah Heep the others escape me, i dont do punk rubbish

Beatles Rain B side wasnt it

only other i can think of is Areosmith but wasnt that November rain god my brain hurts , better go and put all my records back now, note i say records ,vinyl as appose to cd

actually John, just thought of another - this one is a punk song

1 - famous R/R band still touring with the two original front men one of whom had throat cancer a few years back

2 - 70s Rock band, once called 'the most boring english rock band ever' by the MM - lead guitarist Mick Box

3 - quite well known 60s band from Liverpool....

4 - Punk band or semi Punk/Rock band of the early 80s from Bradford still performing I believe

hope this helps a bit

lost me on those if its just the one word rain, what era

Flanders and Swan - The weather song - look at it on the net. Each month has it's own gem. In July the sun is hot - is it shining - no, its not! I use it in my language class - great fun.

wasn't that one called 'The Rain Song' ?

my three are entitled 'Rain'