Narbonne - looking for properties

Hi Everyone,
My boyfriend and I will be in France next week to view some properties in the Aude area.

We are looking for some recommendations for a Builder & Architect .
A property we are going to see will need renovating and we wanted to have an opinion of the property at this viewing stage.
Is that how you all have viewed properties before? with a builder there to advise what is possible?

Any advice would be appreciated, we are pretty new to all this.

Hi Mary-Ann,

I have never taken a builder myself to view a property on the first visit. If I am interested I might take a builder/friend along for a second opinion afterwards.
I now work as an estate agent and have never to date had a builder accompany a buyer on a house visit.
Of course you can do whatever you are comfortable with but I would suggest the first visit alone and only involve a builder (whom you can trust) if you are seriously interested.
Incidentally we lived for several years near Narbonne in a small Minervois village called Mailhac. Good luck with the house hunting.

Thanks Damian.
Really appreciate your response.

Can I ask which part of France you an an agent for?

Also if you have any recommendations for a builder / architect in that area please let me know.

Hi Mary Ann,
I now live and work in Brittany and make the occasional trip South to visit old friends.
If you do buy a house in the Narbonne area I may be able to recommend somebody to you so let me know.