Nasty alerts of virus/trojan which make you try and buy programmes

(Diana Newnham) #1

and mess up your internet access too.

I had this once before and had to send computer away to remove it.

I cannot run AVG (which nomally scans daily)

I think there is something you can download to get rid of this little blighter..

Any thoughts, help appreciated..

Many thanks


(Diana Newnham) #2

thanks Nick… it seems to be quiet now with the Malware programme… I run on Google Chrome, changed ages ago as I know IE is a bit iffy.

The PC is fairly old now… and not sure I would know how to restore from installation media… all to scary!

Appreciate your help…

(Nick Aurelius-Haddock) #3

Diana, to be honest if you machine has been infected, then you can’t really trust the machine, and it is always best to backup your personal data, and do a restore from your original installation media. Make sure you have installed all your anti-virus software before connecting back to the internet, and make sure you always use one of the secure browsers now available, like Firefox or Google Chrome.

I would also never install any piece of software that you can’t authenticate it’s provenance , and be extremely conservative with what you do with the machine. These days I always recommend a move to a far more secure environment like Ubuntu Linux, which allows you to do everything Windows does, but is extremely secure, and doesn’t need all this anti-virus software installed to just browse the web or write a letter.



(Diana Newnham) #4

thanks Ian… someone twitter advised a malware programme… had 817 nasties… now in quarantine… so hopefully sorted… nasty wee things… diana

(Ian Gillis) #5

Hi Diana,
You could try a reputable on-line virus scanner - just Google “online virus scan” and you get sites such as Bit Defender.